22nd May 2017

 P A R I S...City of Light ...City of L O V E...

YES!!! Its indeed true that PARIS is city of LOVE...

Anyone will fall in love with Paris easily. Paris have beautiful Museums, Ancients Art Buildings, DISNEY LAND :)

And Most Important Eiffel Tower And Cruises.

The View from the top of the Eiffel tower will leave you STUNNED!!!!

There is no word to describe the atmosphere and the energy which you feel when you are at the top of the Eiffel Tower...

It was my first ever international trip that too Paris...I was so EXCITED for it.

When I reached on the TOP of Eiffel Tower was UNBELIEVABLE view....

I was able to see whole PARIS ....the wind was awesome...the music in the wind was awesome....positive energy and LOVE of Paris.

Eiffel Tower looks adorable during night with its awesome light effects.

I went at the time of Christmas and it was winter...This is the only time when anyone should visit PARIS.

I am in LOVE with PARIS.

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