Paris Pictures Through Instagram


Eiffel Tower, Paris

Photo of Paris Pictures Through Instagram by Trablogger

When you think about Paris, the first image would be the Eiffel Tower

And the romantic evenings of Paris

And the gorgeous night scenes.

Paris is beautiful during the day time too.

The Seine river, the bridges, the ferries. Paris is quite nice indeed.

And of course, Eiffel looks elegant during day time too.

Again during Night time too..

And especially when it is sparkling during the blue hours!

But a visit to Paris is incomplete if you don't visit the Arc de Triomphe

It is grand and elegant.

Standing tall for hundreds of years withstanding the test of time.

There are so much more things to do in Paris. But these are some of the top major places to visit.

If you have visited Paris, How was your experience?

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