Parisian Get-Away: 5 Honeymoon Planning Tips to Remember


When you are planning a honeymoon to an overseas location, it is imperative to prepare carefully in order to have a memorable and romantic experience. A honeymoon can set the tone for your entire marriage, so you will want to follow a series of steps to have an enjoyable time.

Photo of Paris, France by Kara Masterson

Order Your Passports as Soon as Possible

It can take months to obtain passports for overseas travel. Today, you must submit a lot of information, including the date of birth for your parents. You may need to order your own documents from another state so that you can request a passport. In addition, you must have a specific type of photograph for your passport, and government agents often reject a photograph for strange reasons. Buying a passport is also expensive, so you must plan this expense as part of your honeymoon budget.

Look for a Honeymoon Travel Package

When you want to travel on a honeymoon, look for specialized travel packages that offer additional amenities. A honeymoon travel package might include being picked up in a limousine by a chauffeur or having rose petals scattered at the hotel room’s entranceway and bed. You might get to enjoy spa services such as a massage, and the hotel staff may provide a bottle of Champagne. In addition, the chefs in the hotel may offer you a deluxe breakfast in bed.

Use Great Luggage and Pack Appropriately

Make sure to plan your honeymoon wardrobe in advance, and also, buy great luggage to hold your garments or footwear. Don’t try to travel in your wedding suit or bridal gown. After your wedding reception, take time to change into traveling clothes that you can continue to wear on your honeymoon. Before leaving, make a copy of your wedding certificate to take with you to verify that you are now a married couple.

Schedule Your Activities in Paris

When you are traveling to Paris, you can schedule your admission to numerous tourist attractions to avoid standing in long lines. You can also buy a low-cost card that permits free admission to several places in Paris. Make sure to learn a few words of French to make it easier to travel throughout the city, or you can also hire a personal travel guide to help you. Carry your passports with you all of the time along with your other identification.

Talk to the Hotel Staff

The hotel staff can help you find fun places to have a meal or a glass of wine while you are in Paris. They may also know about seasonal attractions in this city. The employees in the hotel where you are staying can arrange transportation or provide maps to different areas in the city. While you may want to spend a lot of your time alone with a new spouse while in Paris, you can also join local tour groups to feel safer while traveling.

While it is important to plan your honeymoon carefully, it is vital to enjoy spur-of-the-moment activities. You might notice an art show or musical performance while walking through Paris. You and your spouse should take time to enjoy these events, and every other part of this trip. Bring some romantic accessories from a store like Adore Me More or someone similar. Be sure to reserve yourselves some time with nothing scheduled, just to enjoy each other’s company. Your honeymoon only comes around once, so don’t waste it.

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