Phi Phi – Paradise on Earth

Photo of Phi Phi – Paradise on Earth by charu rawat

Catching the first rays at Phi Phi

Photo of Phi Phi – Paradise on Earth by charu rawat

Phi Leh Lagoon

Photo of Phi Phi – Paradise on Earth by charu rawat
Photo of Phi Phi – Paradise on Earth by charu rawat

Vikings Cave

Photo of Phi Phi – Paradise on Earth by charu rawat

Taking a dip at Maya Bay

Photo of Phi Phi – Paradise on Earth by charu rawat

Maya Bay

Photo of Phi Phi – Paradise on Earth by charu rawat

Yellow Thai Curry

Photo of Phi Phi – Paradise on Earth by charu rawat
Photo of Phi Phi – Paradise on Earth by charu rawat

For the dreamers, the sun seekers, chasers of the tropical vibes”

I remember seeing Phi Phi on my Pinterest and immediately pinning it to my travel bucketlist, so i was thrilled out of my wits when i boarded the ferry from Phuket to Phi Phi.The ferry cost me 350 Baht and i was on it with another 200 people who were heading there as well. About a km into the territories of Phi Phi the water starts to glisten and turn into a beautiful azure blue shade. The main shore/pier of Koh Phi Phi is surrounded by beautiful cliffs from all sides and the sand is as white and smooth as it can get.

Koh Phi Phi Don is a small island, and almost everyone there travels on foot. There are small lanes that run across the entire island, and on both sides of the lanes are numerous small shops; souvenir shops, food stalls, massage parlours, diving schools. And of course backpackers from all over the world. The island also has a crazy nightlife with parties every other day that run late till morning.

Accomodation is relatively expensive on Phi Phi and one would have to shell out atleast 1000 baht a night for a decent room with wifi. The resorts on the beachfront are super expensive but stunning to the extent that you will actually contemplate shelling out money for a night there. There are a few great bars playing good music. Surprisingly, food is probably the cheapest I came across in Thailand, especially in the Ton Sai village. There is this one stretch on the island where when you walk on the lane on one side you have the Tonsai Bay and on the other side you have the Loh Dalam bay , the aerial view of this is visible from the Phi Phi viewpoint.

I started my day with hiking upto the viewpoint. The hike took me about 20-25 min, but once i reached the top, it was totally rewarding.
The viewpoint gives you a view of the dumbbell shape of the island, the sun brought out the colours of the water and it all just looked so grand.

Later in the day,I booked a half day island tour for about 350 Baht with one of the tour agencies as its pretty much the only way to see the islands around unless you hire your own boat.I was there with 5 Germans in my ferry who were really nice. We first went to the monkey island which is about 10 min from Phi Phi Don and spent 20 min there . It’s an island inhabited by monkeys who do nothing to you unless you have food and who will happily pose for you. Apparently, if you’re lucky enough you could catch a few of them swimming.

We then went to Phi Leh Lagoon and the Loh Samah Bay which was breathtakingly beautiful. The colour of the water, the entire bay surrounded by hills; when your boat rides towards these islands with speed, it kind of gives you this empowering feeling of you exploring these territories. Its as close as you can get to feeling like you’re in a movie.

We spent about 30 min snorkelling at each, the Bay and the Lagoon, catching views of some beautiful corals and fishes. We also caught a view of the famous Viking Cave. Our last stop was Maya Bay. Now Maya bay is synonymous with Phi Phi and rightly so. Its famous for Leo Di Caprio in the movie “The Beach” and that is exactly how the agencies will sell the tour to you. You have to pay a fee of 200 baht for entering Maya Bay as the National Park fee. Honestly i thought that there would be something more to the beach because uh, 200 baht. But you can just about walk 100 meters into the island and thats it because its all a forest from there, so it did kind of feel a bit ridiculous to pay an additional 200 for a beach for which i had already paid 350.

Anyhow, we were at May Bay for an hour. The water is emerald green, and beautiful for a swim, I just lay there in the water floating for so long that I think I almost slept off at a point. Sigh. I really wanted to cliff jump because Phi Phi is known to have some good cliff jumping spots but the guides there told us that an official issue from the govt has banned cliff jumping there for the time being. Talk about being lucky. The only thing that I probably didn’t like at Maya Bay is that there are a whole lot of tourists but nonetheless you can just take your snorkelling masks go in the sea and be all by yourself and love it.

Our tour wrapped up by 2 pm and we headed back to the mainland where as soon as i got to my room i threw myself on my bed after all the swimming and slept so soundly that i only woke up late in the evening. On my last evening in Phi Phi, i took a nice stroll around the island, through the markets treating myself to some delicious Thai yellow curry and then booked another Ferry ticket to head to the Krabi Mainland.

Phi Phi is absolutely stunning. The most beautiful place i have ever been to. I find myself saying this again, i only wish i could be here for longer. The white sand beaches, the blissfully blue water, the amazing food, the people, the places, all make Phi Phi such a paradise on earth.

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