Picturesque Pulga

14th May 2016

There are times in life when you just want to get away from the mundane life that you are living everyday. And for me Pulga is the safe haven. When i started travelling and heard about parvati valley, there was not enough information that could be found to plan a trip. And so here, I would like to share a few details that might come of help to all you planning a trip to the mystical land of pulga.

Pulga is a tiny hamlet situated at 2895 m above sea level. It is undoubtedly natures one of the best hidden treasures.

If you are travelling from delhi, you need to first get down in Bhuntar (on way to Manali), then take a bus/ shared cab/ cab to barshaini from where it is a trek to this little gem. With the beautiful green pines situated along the banks of river parvati, it is a picturesque sight all the way to barshaini.

Once you take on the trek, it is a two hour climb uphill. There are two routes as well. First you climb down from barshaini, then cross a bridge over the gushing river and then climb up.

You will see a few houses, mostly made of wood, surrounded by lush greenary, welcoming you with smiling faces. And you are in Pulga.

There are very few accomodations as it is still not a commercial hub. However the ones that are there will provide you for what you are there. Peace and serenity. We stayed at Devraj Guest House, completely crafted in wood providing you the best possible views. You can sit in the balcony or rooftop, and indulge yourself with nature at its best. Pristine.

You will have a variety of food options in vegetaranian. Cheese omelettes, nutella pancakes and mint tea were my favourites. Non veg is rare though not prohibited or anything. A decent meal will cost you anything between 100- 150 rupees.

No words can truly define the beauty of a place. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and enjoy it for yourself!

Photo of Picturesque Pulga 1/6 by Ankeeta Bboruah
Photo of Picturesque Pulga 2/6 by Ankeeta Bboruah
Photo of Picturesque Pulga 3/6 by Ankeeta Bboruah
Photo of Picturesque Pulga 4/6 by Ankeeta Bboruah
Photo of Picturesque Pulga 5/6 by Ankeeta Bboruah
Photo of Picturesque Pulga 6/6 by Ankeeta Bboruah
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Hi Ankita, just wanted to know if this place is safe for female travelers as I will be going with my wife.
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