Places in India and Their Local Drinks

Photo of Places in India and Their Local Drinks by Bhaavan Goswami

“India: A home to multiple cultures and religions.”

Despite of this fact, the nation peacefully showcases its presence as a piece of inspiration for the rest of the world. Be it in regards to the largest democracy or the most peaceful nation with the highest heterogeneous population.

India is so diversified that after every 15kms the language changes as the region and culture do. “And so do their food & drinks.”

So taking a break from Single Malts and the Monk’s tummy, lets walk through various patches of the country and have a sip of the local drinks they serve.

{:} Kashmir valley- Kahwah

Photo of Places in India and Their Local Drinks 1/11 by Bhaavan Goswami

                -Besides excellent taste, Kahwah tea also has a list of health benefits.

This traditional green tea preparation is loved by all the Kashmiris in the valley and is also a major beverage in some parts of Afghanistan.

Kahwah is basically a popular breakfast beverage among the people here. It is prepared by boiling green tea leaves, where further addition of saffron strands, cinnamon barks and Kashmiri roses enhances the aroma.

“Samovar” is the name for the copper kettle used to prepare Kahwah. Thus the Samovar pours the hot Kahwah into tiny, shallow cups ideally used for serving the drink with sugar and honey.

Photo of Places in India and Their Local Drinks 2/11 by Bhaavan Goswami
        -A beautifully designed Samovar vessel.
As per the taste of Kashmiris, they prefer to consume Kahwah after having taken their food.

As I experienced, the essence and taste of hot Kahwah provides a soothing effect to the mind amidst the chilling winds of Kashmir.

{:} Goa- Feni

Being one of the best places in India to spend a coastal vacation, this tiny state leaves a magnetic effect over almost every youngster.

If you are a Goa freak and still don’t know about the Goan staple drink, this section is for you. 
Come on, of course it’s not beer.

Photo of Places in India and Their Local Drinks 3/11 by Bhaavan Goswami
The name given to the Goan local drink is Feni. An in-house spirit prepared either from coconut or the cashew apple juice, thus decently bifurcated in two types:
* Cashew Feni
* Toddy Palm Feni
However it’s just the ingredients which give birth to the difference.
Photo of Places in India and Their Local Drinks 4/11 by Bhaavan Goswami
           -Preparation of Feni is altogether a unique mechanism.

Classified as the “Country Liquor”, the law prohibits the sale of Feni outside the state of Goa.

The word “Feni” somewhere matches with the word “Froth”. The analogy may lie because of the light froth formed by the bubbles on dribbling this drink into a vessel.

Although the Goan spirit is widely used in cocktails, but the natives of South Goa prefer to consume it neat or over ice. However some also enjoy the mixing of Coca-Cola and Juices in Feni giving it altogether an incredible flavour.

Photo of Places in India and Their Local Drinks 5/11 by Bhaavan Goswami

Feni also boasts off it’s title of “Heritage Drink” outside the state, which was given to it by the Goan Govt recently in 2016.

So the next time you & your pals make up an instant plan to witness this beautiful sea shore, do give Feni a well deserved try!

{:} Kerala- Hot Toddy

Far from sweet and sugary taste of shakes and juices, the South-Indian population abides to a very unique unit of drinks available worldwide

Photo of Places in India and Their Local Drinks 6/11 by Bhaavan Goswami

         -Being a blend of different ingredients, Hot Toddy has a master taste.

Named as “Hot Toddy”, the drink serves as a complete blend of spices, herbs and liquor. Hot toddy is basically a mixture drink constituted with liquor and water with add ons of honey, spices and herbs.

Preparation: A mixture of a spirit (Whiskey, Rum or Brandy), Boiling Water, Honey.

Additional ingredients consist of spices such as Cloves, Cinnamon, Lemon Slice.

Photo of Places in India and Their Local Drinks 7/11 by Bhaavan Goswami

Despite of being alcoholic, Hot Toddy helps save medical expenses by relieving the symptoms of cold & flu. However traditionally this incredible drink is consumed before retiring for the night or in a cold weather.

{:} Delhi- Banta

This is something which every Delhiite is familiar with and specially the youngsters. Being the cheapest mouth watering carbonated drink, Banta makes itself even more beloved than the Big shot brands.\

Photo of Places in India and Their Local Drinks 8/11 by Bhaavan Goswami

           -Banta is a common chilling agent for students in Delhi.

Also known as Goli Soda, the drink is a term for carbonated form of lemon and orange flavours.

Banta started its journey far back in the 18th century. Since then, it has progressively became the dearest taste for most of the Delhiites. Though the sale of Banta was overshadowed by the network of big beverage brands, but the tangy drink managed to pave its comeback in the market.

Photo of Places in India and Their Local Drinks 9/11 by Bhaavan Goswami

    -Carts with stacks of Banta bottles is a common view in markets of the capital.

Banta is ideally served mixed with Lemon Juice, Crushed Ice, Chaat Masala (an Indian spice), Black Salt.

Reason being its retiring age, this tarty drink is packed in an antique style. That is within heavy glass bottle whose mouth is shut by a round marble instead of a cap. The high pressured carbonated contents keep the marble lifted, thus sealing the bottle.

Interestingly the “pop” sound waters the mouth when the marble is pushed in order to unseal the bottle.

So this summer do wander around in the National Capital to enjoy its world-famous food with fizzy sips of Banta.

{:} Gujarat- Sosyo

So this section is all dedicated to this Gujarati historical drink known as Sosyo. This aerated drink links its origin to the Pre-Independence period, when it was launched as a competition to a UK based drink “Vimto” and was basically used in order to allure alcoholics to the dry state of Gujarat.

Photo of Places in India and Their Local Drinks 10/11 by Bhaavan Goswami
                                              -Even today this drink is a dear one for many people in Gujarat. Amazing!
Sosyo is a blend mixture of grape and apple cider with some add on ingredients usually imported from Germany and Italy.
Photo of Places in India and Their Local Drinks 11/11 by Bhaavan Goswami
                                       -Sosyo was included as a Swadeshi movement product during the freedom struggle.

Due to its effective character in the era of freedom struggle, Sosyo has been a favourite for the Gujarati and other nationals since then.

Even this image portrays our First Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru relaxing and enjoying some sips of Sosyo.

It even gained popularity on international grounds and consequently a large quantity of bottle crates started being exported to far off nations like UK, USA, South Africa, UAE and New Zealand where Sosyo proudly represented its homeland with a backdrop remark of “An Indian Drink” supported by a tri-coloured strip and is still doing the same.

                  “Playing with waters made spirits, while playing with spirits made cocktails” -Bhaavan Goswami

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