Places to explore in the spiritual land of Lord Krishna: Goverdhan Parvat.

8th Mar 2018
Day 1

According to many Hindu mythological books and vedas , "Goverdhan parvat " holds a special place in Indian culture.

Known as Goverdhan or Giriraj and being the sacred center of braj ,  it is identified as a natural form of krishna. Indian art overwhelmingly prefers the iconic image of the childhood and  bravery and fun-filled activities of the Lord Krishna and his friends.

Basically , it is said that , during heavy rains at that time , the village was in a point as floods. So to keep the people , animals and everything possible safe from heavy rains , lord Krishna uplifted that parvat with her little finger. And that parvat is known as Goverdhan Parvat.

So to experience the spirituality , we visited govarthan parvat in the month of March '18.
To reach there, we took a train from Indore to mathura and reached mathura around 7:30 am.
Then to reach govarthan parvat from mathura , we took a private taxi and reached govardhan parvat at around 9am ( approximately 26 kms) with a pitstop to grab some chai and breakfast.

Then we checked in our hotel and after freshen up , we decided to start exploring the area .
Special tip: Since , it was March , it is advisable to start the walking tour of 21 kms of parvat at evening because of the cool weather and lightings around the area.

Then we visited some local temples around the area and decided to had lunch. Since the weather was so hot in the daytime , we decided to head back our hotel and rest for sometime.

Then , at evening at around 5 pm , we decided to head back at the main temple where the evening aarti happened everyday.

Also , the main temple was so beautiful and magnificent and so spiritually undertaken.

Tip: Morning aarti is also happen , so to enjoy that , the timings for the aarti is around 8 am .

Then after attending the aarti , we started our walking tour . Since , there are various kinds of people with different different age groups are present. So to provide convenience to them , many pedal rickshaws are available at the beginning of the tour and also in between of the tour too.

So , we started our walking tour. Sometime later , it was all going good. But we decided to take that pedal rickshaws and hopped in them .
There are many pitstops in between of the parvat which prominently include various different different temples of Lord Krishna , Lord Shiva , temple of radhe krishna and many many more.

We completed the tour of the parvat in around 2.5-3 hrs. with various pitstops. And the whole lightings around the area enhances the experience and beauty of the area. The parvat was so magnificent and huge.

Then we had some dinner . And headed back to our hotel feeling all contented and satisfied.
Then next morning we headed back to home (Indore).

The overall trip was a successful one . The atmosphere there was so spiritual , cool and calm and the experience was amazing.

So guys , one should definitely visit the Goverdhan Parvat to experience the spiritual side of the state UP and explore more about it.

With adventure ,

Photo of Govardhan, Uttar Pradesh, India by shruti kabra
Photo of Govardhan, Uttar Pradesh, India by shruti kabra
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