6 Canadian Towns That Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List


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Photo of 6 Canadian Towns That Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List by Irene Simpson

Canada is universally lauded for its natural wonders. With the majestic mountains and secluded glaciers, the pristine lakes and lush forests, Canada is just spectacular. In fact, the country claims the number one position in Lonely Planet's much coveted 'Best in Travel' lists for 2017. But the appeal of the Great White North is not just limited to the marvelous outdoors. The world's second largest country has hundreds of cities that are charming, and cosmopolitan in appeal. Forget Montreal, Toronto, Quebec or other big Canadian cities. Discover the hidden gems, instead. If you are an off-the-beaten path type, you will love to have these towns on your bucket list. However, the question is, how would you cover the maximum number of places in such a vast country that spans 2,897 miles from north to south and 3,402 miles from west to east? We will suggest you tour the country in a luxury motor home. If you haven't got one yet, opt for a diesel unit. The online RV selling sites are the best places to find and purchase well-maintained diesel motor homes for sale. Sealing the deal may take some time. Meanwhile, focus on planning your itinerary. Here are a few Canadian small towns that look like they are straight out of fairy tales.

Okanagan Landing, B.C.

How would you like to come face to face with a monster? Well, you may meet one in this Canadian town. According to the natives, Okanagan Lake is home to a monster called Ogopogo. Just hang around to explore this picturesque place. Hit one of its playgrounds along with your child or enjoy a picnic in one of its many public parks.

Fort Smith, N.W.T.

This town in the Northwest Territories will fully satiate the shutterbug in you. Either spend your time in the Slave River catching Trouts, Pikes, and Graylings or hit the jungles in the fringes of the city to spot some bison. Fort Smith is the home to one of the world's best mountain biking trails. So, take up a long-distance ride to explore the incredible beauty of the Arctic flora.

Legal, Alberta

With its straight, tree-lined thoroughfares, vibrant gardens, small eateries and post offices, this quiet place will seem ordinary at a glance. But it isn't. There is something that distinguishes it from its neighbors — the enormous murals. Be it restaurants or the church, large supermarkets or neighborhood grocery stores, no walls in this small town seem to be devoid of these amazing pieces of art. Make a study of these colorful murals to learn about the history of the town.

Port Coquitlam, B.C.

As the home town of Terry Fox, an excellent athlete and cancer research activist, this place symbolizes the indomitable spirit of those people who set out to accomplish the impossible despite their physical disabilities. The pretty town is surrounded by three rivers -- the Fraser River to the south, the Pitt River to the east, and the Coquitlam River to the west. Located 30 km east of Vancouver, Port Coquitlam is the nerve center of the Lower Mainland.

Manotick, Ontario

Are you a boating enthusiast? If yes, you must visit this scenic Southern Ontario town off the Rideau Canal waterway. Besides being the boaters' paradise, this scenic town is also home to an array of historical sites. The locals have nicknamed downtown Manotick as 'The Village'. Visit the place to feast your eyes on the web of winding roads that make up this area.

Williamstown, Ontario

Williamstown hosts Canada’s oldest annual country fair which draws thousands of tourists every year. A former Scottish colony, this picture postcard district exudes historical charms which are quite difficult to pass over. With its century-old homes, churches and log barns, and the winding alleyways, the air of this alluring place resonates Scottish pride of the bygone era.

Is Canada calling you? Start planning today. Begin with buying a suitable rig. If you are planning to buy a pre-owned model, check out the listing sites for well-maintained diesel motor homes for sale. Remember, Canada is at her best during the summer. So, don't delay your planning.

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