Popular Villages in Uttarakhand: Get Close to Nature

15th Dec 2016

Uttarakhand, the ‘Dev Bhoomi’ is one of the most beautiful places in India to get close to nature. Villages are one of the major attractions of Uttarakhand apart from its abundant natural beauty, adventure and pilgrimage sites. If you have had enough of the concrete jungles of cities then the villages in Uttarakhand can be your escape. This year I took off a month and visited these popular villages in Uttarakhand and I can vouch that you will enjoy every moment of it.

From the villages of the legendary man-eating Tigers, days of Raj, scenic spots and adventure hubs, here is the list the most popular villages in Uttarakhand.


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Chaukori Village

Chaukori Village is snuggled in the dreamy setting of Kumaon, famous for the legend of the man-eating Tigers. Set at 2,010 metres above sea level in the midst of snow covered Himalayas and thick woodlands, the village offers a spectacular view of the stunning Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, and the Panchachuli peaks.

Chaukori is famous for luscious Tea gardens established by the British during the pre-independence period. The nights offer spectacular views of the galaxy even without a telescope.

Best time to visit: April to July and September to November are the best time to plan a visit to the village.

Popular places to visit: Dhaulinag, Kalinag, Feninag, Bashukinag, Pinglenag, Harinag Temples, etc.


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Garhwal Village

Gwaldam is a sleepy little town perched at an altitude of 1700 mts above the sea level, on the border of Garhwal & Kumaon hills. This quaint village offers a fascinating view of Himalayan peaks Nanda Devi, Trishul and Nanda Ghuti.

The salubrious weather and unspoilt serenity of the Gwaldam village is truly incomparable. Enjoy the company of meadows of nameless flowers, endless springs and countless birds. The famous Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra goes through Gwaldam. The trek to the mysterious Roopkund Lake is the most renowned trekking excursion in Uttarakhand.

Best time to visit: You can visit throughout the year, except the rains which are usually in July-August.

Popular places to visit: Angora Farm, Badhangarhi Temple, Gwalnaag, Buddhist Khamba Temple, Macchi Tal.


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Khirsu Village

Perched at an altitude of 1700m above sea level, Khirsu is a beautiful mountain village. Exquisitely set in quaint Oak, Deodar trees and Apple orchards, relish the simple pleasures of nature. Located in the Pauri Garhwal, Khirsu offers panoramic views of the imposing Himalayan range.

Get away for a weekend to the charming village. Wake up to the chirping of birds as the orchards nearby house amazing range of birds. The hues of the sunlight on top of the mountains creates a beautiful memory. Rejuvenate your soul in the serene bliss of Khirsu.

Best time to visit: Khirsu is a year-round destination but try to avoid the monsoon when making travel plans.

Popular places to visit: Ghandiyal Devi Temple, Srinagar, Devprayag, Jwalpa Devi Temple, etc

Mana Village

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Mana Village

Mana Village is a last Indian village from the border of India and Tibet/China in the Himalayas. Situated on the banks of the River Saraswati, it is situated at a height of around 3219 meters. The village in Chamoli district has been designated as a “Tourism Village” by the Uttarakhand government.

The traces of Hindu mythology and epic Mahabharata, are visible in Mana. Witness the remains of the bygone era and the faith of pilgrims who stop here for the Badrinath Dham yatra.

Best time to visit: There is no particular best time to visit Mana Village as it is perfect to explore throughout the year.

Popular places to visit: Badrinath Dham, Neelkanth Peak, Tapt Kund, Mata Murti Temple, Ganesha Gufa, Bheem Pul, Keshav Prayag, the confluence of River Alaknanda and Saraswati, etc.

Kalap Village

Photo of Popular Villages in Uttarakhand: Get Close to Nature 5/5 by Nikhil
Kalap Village

Kalap Village is one of the most remote places in India in the upper Garhwal Himalayas. Situated at an altitude of 7,500 ft, the village is nestled among virgin pine and deodar forests, and overlooks River Supin.

Kalap is blessed with absolutely breathtaking scenery. It is the true home to traditional Garhwali architecture and its surroundings offer stunning natural beauty, including views of the snow-capped Bandarpunch range. Truly a land of legends, here you can easily believe the tales of the Mahabharata, the Sanskrit mythological epic. Escape the cities and lifestyle and gain new insight in the blissful ambiance of Kalap.

Best time to visit: All throughout the year, except July & August.

Popular places to visit: Kinnaur Kailash, Kothi, Trekking to Chakka, Basteri, Kamru Fort, Sapni Fort, etc.

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