Positivity of The Cholas : Gangaikonda Cholapuram

6th Mar 2017
Photo of Positivity of The Cholas : Gangaikonda Cholapuram by Abilash Rinald
Day 1

A Short Day Trip From Trichy,TN to UNESCO Heritage Site .

Life is About Hope , Rising from Failures and Moving Ahead With Positivity …. Almost Like Ruling a Big Dynasty . Brihadeeswarar Temple at GANGAIKONDA CHOLAPURAM.

Had a Chance to Visit these Epic Architectural Wonders about 50Km from Ariyalur and around 170 Km away From Trichy ,TN. The Alignment of the Nandi to the Main Entrance isn’t even a Millimetre away .

GANGAIKONDA CHOLAPURAM is a UNESCO World Heritage Site , Which was also the Capital of Chola Dynasty under King Rajendra Chola I .

Being Almost Similar to the Tanjavur Big Temple – it is often considered to be the Feminine Counterpart .

The Depth of Emotion a Stone could possess is so much proof of how much the Sculptor had soaked himself into .

Standing Tall and against the harshest Climatic Changes , Truely well protected by UNESCO .

What I Suggest : A Day Trip Covering the Tanjavur Big Temple and Gangaikonda Cholapuram would be Perfect with You staying in Trichy . The Next Day u could Relive the Cauvery at Trichy and Temple life at Srirangam .

The Entrance

Photo of The Entrance by Abilash Rinald

Lawns and Halls

Photo of Lawns and Halls by Abilash Rinald

The Mighty One

Photo of The Mighty One by Abilash Rinald

Sculpted To Fine Emotion

Photo of Sculpted To Fine Emotion by Abilash Rinald
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Welcome bro @harish
Tue 03 07 17, 09:37 · Reply · Report
Been to the Big temple, but missed the smaller version of it.. Thanks for sharing the information
Mon 03 06 17, 22:20 · Reply · Report