Pros and Cons of Top 3 Accommodation Options for an Extended Stay in USA


The population of travelers who stay for a longer period of time in the USA has been increased a lot in a past decade. These numbers are increasing due to various reasons. It has been noticed that a majority of people look for an extended stay in America instead of a short stay. The reason behind this extended stay can be many, including, but not limited to:

• Increased popularity of tourist destinations in different cities of the   USA

• Increased number of people who travel in different cities, states and even countries due to work and job

• Increased demand of a few job profiles such as construction workers who need to travel to different cities and stay there until the project gets completed

• People who are going through a temporary phase such as retired people, divorced couple

• People who are performing house renovation or reconstruction or waiting for possession of their new house

• And more

The aforementioned are a few most common reasons for which people choose to extended stay in a city of America. There can be many other reasons as well. These types of travelers or people who stay for 7 days or more in a city, generally, look for a temporary living with a good standard of living. Moreover, they always look for a budget living option along with the comfortable and cozy one for obvious reasons.

There are 3 most popular and commonly used temporary living options available in America for people who stay there for a long time which are listed below:

1. Rental apartments

2. Traditional hotels

3. Weekly hotels

Let’s explore details each of this accommodation option along with its pros and cons.

1. Rental Apartment

Those people who live in a city for a month or more prefer to stay in rental apartments according to the statics. Also, people with family who are waiting for possession of their new house or going through renovation work at existing home also prefer to accommodate themselves and family in a rental apartment. One can use real estate or property websites to find a good rental apartment, according to their need and budget.


• It is obviously a cheaper accommodation option compared to all other if the stay would be for a few months

• One can enjoy the freedom of space as one can decor the home in a way they want to

• It often gives the feeling and warmth of an owned home as it is like that in the interior


• You need to select the apartment from available and limited options. There can’t be a lot of options to choose from as it is available with a normal hotel or a weekly hotel

• There is a whole lot of paperwork to be taken care of to get the keys of a rental apartment

• You need to take care of additional expenses such as furniture if you will stay there for a longer period of time

• You need to bear additional expenses and bills every month such as electricity bills, water bills, maintenance, so on and so forth

• You need to make an arrangement for housekeeping, laundry, meal, etc. on your own

2. Normal / Traditional Hotel Room

Those people who are traveling for a vacation or a small business trip or for a business project prefer to stay in a hotel as they wouldn’t like to go through the hassle of paperwork and formalities of a rental apartment. According to the statistics, this type of people stays in for a few days to a few weeks. This accommodation is a normal stay in any traditional hotel in a single room or a hotel suite.


• Very little formality or paperwork involved to get the keys of the room

• No additional bill of electricity, water, maintenance as it is in a rental apartment

• The room has all required essentials for a comfortable stay

• Hotel staff at service on a single call for all types of work including, but not limited to meal, housekeeping, laundry, etc.

• More options of hotels to accommodate yourself at preferred location


• Rooms can be either too congested or too expensive

• Limited amenities or an additional cost for each used amenities

• An extended stay can be heavy on the pocket as it is more exp

ensive accommodation option for an extended stay guest

3. Weekly Hotel

A weekly hotel which is also known as an extended stay hotel is the most popular accommodation options for different categories of people. All different types of people who are looking for a temporary living are accommodating themselves in a weekly hotel when the stay is an extended stay. The weekly hotel is a special concept introduced by the hospitality industry to meet the need of extended stay travelers and locals. It provides both cozy and comfortable living at cheaper rates.


• Least formality to get a room

• No additional bill of electricity, water, maintenance as it is in a rental apartment

• More options of hotels to accommodate yourself at preferred location

• Spacious rooms for cozy and comfortable living

• Availability of rooms with in-room kitchenette and other essentials to cook own food

• In-room high speed WiFi and workstation

• In-room refrigerator and microwave

• Access to recreation center

• Access to business center

• A range of amenities which is much more than a normal hotel room accommodation

• Weekly rates, which is way cheaper than per night hotel room rates

• And much more


• Some hotels charge additional for daily housekeeping or it can be provided according to the hotel regulations so you need to cross check if you are a cleanliness lover

There are also a few extended stay hotels, which offer weekly rates for guests who stay for less than 7 days. It means you can take benefit of this extended stay accommodation and offered amenities even if you live for 5 days in the city. If you are going to stay there for a week or more or for a few months, the extended stay hotels is the best choice as you get everything ready to use yet paying less for it.

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