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Whenever you meet a Punekar aka Puneite, one of the many things this person will speak of is the places where you get awesome food. You must visit these places if you really want to enjoy the foods in Pune. Although it is a long post, Pune’s appetite is not a small thing… Check if you find something interesting.
Vaishali resturant FC road is the very first place which Pune boasts of. You get amazing South-Indian food here… But if you wish to taste amazing filter coffee after enjoying the South-Indian delicacies you must queue in the waiting list of Wadeshwar on the same road… Coming in Maharashtra and that too in Deccan area, authentic Maharashtrian food is close by on JM road. Visit Mathura in Pune and you will find a range of a Maharashtrian a la Carte menu. If you are hungry enough for a plateful of meal, head towards Durvankur on Tilak road for the thali. Once you are in Maharshtra, you have to have Vada Pav and the one who would crave to have a good Vada Pav would have to travel to Camp area to relish on Garden Vada Paav.

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Talking about breakfast, Bipin Snacks on Karve Road, Amruteshwar on Nal stop (opens at 4am) Tilak on Tilak road and roadside vendors of Kamla Nehru Park are the best places to have your morning meal. However, one can’t finish the list without the mention of Good Luck Café, Yezdan Café and Vahuman Café for their Bun Maska, Bun omlette and special Irani Chai. Marzorine is a step further in these Café’s with good ambience and amazing apple juice and chutney sandwich. 11 East Street café and German Bakery are two good options for a lazy talk and variety of dishes. ChaitanyaParatha opposite FC college is also a place for a small get together and reasonably priced heavy parathas.

Tilak road has a great place to enjoy Missal. Ramnath missal on Tilak road is something you should try to get a gold standard for missal. If you wish to have spicy missal other two places are very famous but make sure you reach there before time. First is the katakirrr misal off karve road and other is Bedekar Misal off Laxmi road near Kheliya shop.

Once you reach Laxmi road and could not reach this place on time, a hidden place might save your day. Walk by to find reliance jewels on this road and look for R Bhagat Tarachand on the first floor. Their thali is always delicious but their paneer bhurji and moong dal halwa is sinfully delicious. You can continue to shop at Laxmi road and if you feel to have some more snacks… Visit Vishrambaugwada just opposite bank of Maharashtra on Bajirao road. They serve tangy bhel and their Kairi panhe is very refreshing. Another option for a good bhel in this area is Pushkarini bhel but it is slightly sweeter. But Punekars love it more when followed by Sujata mastani the place which itself is a landmark. Although sujata mastani has its branches all over Pune this place has its own beauty and taste.
If you’re a fan of PavBhaji then there is variety of places for this dish… Either you visit Shubham on JM road or Relax hotel in Sahakar Nagar. If you wish to have a combination of Pav-Bhaji and dosa then Mankar dosa offers you an innovative Pav bhaji dosa which is an amazing combination. Mankar dosa has many outlets across Pune.

Pani Puri lovers have a variety of outlets and chains.. The most prestigious one is the Kalyan bhel followed by Ganesh bhel then Sudama. Another place to have mouth-watering Pani Puri is Interval bhel in Rasta Peth. However, the one I enjoy is Bhagyalaxmi which has just three outlets. One is treasure Park, other one in Katraj and one on Paud road.

Photo of Pune and it's appetite! 2/2 by Rutuja Patil

Now that you have reached Paud road you have to taste the cold coffee of Durga if you are not a coffee lover travel a bit farther to reach Karishma square and enjoy the thick chocolade at CadB. Few more joints for good cold coffee are Khau-galli near Dyanprabodhini and in Rasta peth and coffee shops near City Pride, Satara Road. These places like theDyan-Prabodhini Khau-Galli and the street near Sarasbaug also offers a variety of foods. Kothrud and Kothrud annex has come up with many eating joints but one location have given a varied picture. Mhatre Bridge aka canal road across Mhatre bridge and Rajaram Bridge houses a range of restaurants. My favorite place is Multi Spice Restaurant which offers multi-cuisine menu.

There has to be something for non-veg lovers in this city of food lovers. Sea food lovers know Nisarga (Although Mahesh and Gajalee are now added to the list, Nisarga is original Punekar), Chicken lovers has at least once visited Purepur Kolhapur, but now don’t hesitate to visit all outlets of Venky’s. Burger King in camp offers a great chicken burger at reasonable price. S.P. Biryani although suggests that it is the place for Biryani, it’s bombil fry is just unexplainable. Gopi, Durga and Aware mess in Sadashiv Peth are small but interesting places to have spicy chicken and mutton curries. If you want to taste good Biryani, Blue Nile is one place to be mentioned. And yes, not to forget the mouth-watering Kathi rolls of Kapila on DP road or Tiranga for a range of non-vegetarian delicacies.

If you have finished filling your stomach tantalizing your taste-buds, time has come when you should be treating yoursweet tooth. If you are crossing Bajirao road late night and see some crowd near the CLai shop, don’t panic it is the crowd waiting to enjoy the Manasi Gola. A variety of ice gola with hot malai is just so interesting. Switching from ice to icecream, look around for Sudama ice-cream in Sonya Maruti Chowk or Pot ice-cream near NIV, camp outside Shantai hotel. If you want to spare some more money, why not visit Naturals outlet near Sambhaji Park. Worried about soar throat?? Try the juice-bar on Ghole road or one on the east street behind Marzorin. But if you wish a variety of desserts visit Darshan on Prabahat Road, Mouth watering Sizziling brownie and seasonal strawberry with cream are the attractions in Darshan. Another offbeat dessert you can manage to obtain near the Deccan Bus stop is Kharwas (milk pudding).

Shukeen offers a variety of refreshing paan (mouth-fresheners) ranging from regukar masala, to maghai to modified chocolate paan. You can also find a good paanwala on FC road near Hotel Niranjan. Some would also want to enjoy tea after the meal. Pune is the only place where tea is described as elixir- Amrut. The many Amruttulyas in core city area gives you awakening tea. If you are not a tea lover and just passing by Tilak road, don’t forget to have the sugarcane juice at Shailesh near Grahak Peth al round the year.

Although all these good meal options should be satisfying the taste buds of an individual, Punekars, swear by the Chitale’s Bakarwadi and Laxminarayan Chiwda, Kayani’s Sponge cake and Shrewsbury Biscuits, Budhani wafers, Veg Pattice of Hindustan Bakery and any bakery items from Santosh Bakery, to be consumed in your snacks time and would always recommend to carry few packets of all these stuff when moving around.

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