Trip to Purulia Part-1

14th Apr 2019

Being a private sector employee taking leave is a big factor for us so when suddenly got two days holiday for Bengali new year or Poila Boishakh, I started to search some places near Kolkata for weekend getaway where I can stay near to nature and away from city hustle bustle and there I found about Purulia but what bothering us was the weather still we decide to visit that place. From there I started to plan our trip and booked ticket in Chakradharpur fast passenger which run daily from Howrah to Chakradharpur at night 23:05 for 13th April 2019.

Day 1

14th April 2019:

After reaching Purulia at morning 6:30am first we did is booked a car for AyodhyarPahar as our Hotel was booked at hill top. In our way to Ayodhya we did our breakfast in road side dhaba and started our journey towards the destination. You can also book car from bus stand so it will be cheaper than from station for reaching there you have to hire a rickshaw or toto which will charge near 70 and if you have time then took a bus till ayodhya hill it will help to save your money.

And the journey towards ayodhya is beautiful the more our car left the town and going near the destination the more we could see greenery and after some time it looks like the hill was waving at us and playing hide & seek.

We stayed at Youth hostel or Yuva abash at hill top. After reaching first I did was booking a cab for local sight seeing here I want to say that if you are travelling in a group then it will cost less than travelling alone as the most of the cars are 10 seater bolero or scorpio or sumo. Here you can also asked your driver who is taking you to the hill from station to cover some places on the way to hill top so that it will be less time consuming.

As per our plan we get ready around 3:00 pm to visit nearby places like ram mandir on hill top, mayor pahar from where the view of ayodhya hill and nearby villages is breath taking, for that you have to trek for some time like around 10 to 15 minute. After that we headed towards our nest place called Marbel lake but on the way we got stuck in jam as there was running a fair for Ramnabami celebration, men and women from locals are dancing on the rhythm of Dhamsa and Madol(folk music instrument) is a scene to remember as we could not resist ourselves and take part of the celebration. Then after sometime our car run towards “Marble lake” and finally we reached there . The place is quite with rugged and irregular rocky surroundings with lush green forest above the hill and black water it is wow. How time flew away we could not understand. There we know from locals that the movie “Chander Pahar ”was shooted there but we don’t know whether it is right or wrong. Then we headed towards our last place for the day “Bamni Falls”, another major attraction of Purulia. You have to trek for around 450 ft with rocky pathway to arrived at the bottom of the falls and it is bit tiring but if you love trekking and adventure then it ir your place and when you see the view you could only remember the sentence ”bad roads often take you to the beautiful destination ” the tiredness will vanish in a moment you reach there. The best part of this place is you can actually see the top of the falls first then you will reach bottom which is rare to see in falls. With this our first day of purulia expedition come to an end and with beautiful memories .

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