Planning at 11.00 pm, packing bags by 11.10, on roads by 11.15- sudden and unexpected plans are always awesome.

It was 10.00 pm, Friday Night and I was sitting in my room flood of thoughts running in my mind. I messaged my friend asking him about Saturday's plan and he told that he was going to Pushkar. He asked me to accompany them and I immediately said yes. 

Pushkar, a place of divinity was full off excitement for Holi. Four of us went by car and other friends reached there by bus and train and joined us later on. We stayed at Milkman Guest House, but probably that’s not a right word to describe it. It was a big 'Haveli' handled by a local family who rent out rooms to tourists. It was a place for free spirited people, a perfect place to stay for travelers. 

Photo of PUSHKAR- SPIRITUAL! 1/6 by Nancy Agarwal

 Photo of PUSHKAR- SPIRITUAL! 2/6 by Nancy Agarwal

We went for 2 hours camel ride in mini desert. The last time I sat on camel was probably when I was 10 years old. It was beautiful and a fantastic fun.

Photo of PUSHKAR- SPIRITUAL! 3/6 by Nancy Agarwal

 Photo of PUSHKAR- SPIRITUAL! 4/6 by Nancy Agarwal

Our next stop was Pushkar lake, a lake known for its sacredness. It was serene and calm. There was a sense of divinity and spirituality in that place. With water beneath and the sun up my mind became silent. 

Hari ghaas pe lateke aasmaan ko niharte huye 

Uss aasman ke badalte rang ko dekha

Aasmaan ki parchain jhilmilate huye paani mein padi

Paani ke badalte rang ko dekha

Suraj ki kirne badalon pe padin

Badlon ke badalte rang ko dekha

Pakshi badalon ko cheerte huye ja rahe the

Unn pakshiyon ke badalte rang ko dekha

Zindagi ko badalte dekha

Khud ko badalte dekha!

I became all quite and composed.

Photo of PUSHKAR- SPIRITUAL! 5/6 by Nancy Agarwal

Photo of PUSHKAR- SPIRITUAL! 6/6 by Nancy Agarwal

Pushkar has some amazing cafes. I sat in one cafe to have morning breakfast. There I met Monica, a mid-30 year old girl from England, who told me that every year she comes to India for vacation and Pushkar is one place which she never misses. 

While returning I sat in the corner of the car oblivious of everything, quietly listening to my friends' conversations, learning from them.

I realised every trip brings with itself some awakening.