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Pushkar, where life gets its music
Duration: 10 Days
If the trouble of your life is that it lacks background music it will besolved in Pushkar for sure ..
The beautiful and mesmerizing sound of tumbi or ektara follows you everywhere through the streets.
Out of the Blue is right in the main market, pretty decent tasting food, interesting beverages (I hear mint shake is great but couldn't taste due to bad throat but apple cinnamon tea was good) ...with good view (Lake n the hills)
Photos of OUT OF THE BLUE 1/4 by Grashima
Photos of OUT OF THE BLUE 2/4 by Grashima
Photos of OUT OF THE BLUE 3/4 by Grashima
Photos of OUT OF THE BLUE 4/4 by Grashima
At La Pizzeria, the Cannelloni (white sauce) was so good that we just forgot to click any pictures at all ! The next day too the Al Forno pasta (I am a sucker for white sauce) was like heaven in my mouth. It was so good that I could cry. Best spent 160 rupees on food. Ever. The lop side is the look of the place. It could have "looked" better. The outside garden has no view, walls around.. and I donot like low sitting during proper meals. Thus the best place to sit in is the dining hall.
Others also liked this place 'Honey and Spice' which serves healthy food .. All I had there was some coffee and yummy apple crumble. Go there if you love healthy food. The place closes down at 6:00 pm.
Photos of HONEY AND SPICE 1/2 by Grashima
Photos of HONEY AND SPICE 2/2 by Grashima
The small lake has 52 ghats. The sunset is beautiful. I have seen some decent numbers of sunsets (Goa, Diu, Hampi, Shimla, Delhi :p etc) ... This one was the most beautiful so far (Maybe because of the background music). It is like you are sitting just a little before the horizon and if you could run till the other side, and peep, you can actually see where the sun is going.
Photos of Pushkar Lake, Pushkar, Rajasthan, India 1/1 by Grashima
The only Bhrama Temple in the world. This is big since he is pretty famous devata among us Hindus. The story goes that Lord Bhrama's first wife cursed him when he got married the second time (or when he preferred the second wife during a traditional ceremony than the first wife, she got jealous). The curse was that he will not be prayed outside Pushkar ever. The temple is full of Indian crowd all the time. When we went there was this mini stampede happening in front of the main shrine. We had to almost throw our offering flowers at the main shrine.
For the shoestring traveler one of the best options is Atithi Guest House. Very small but clean rooms. It is on the outskirt of the main market. Just the right amount of walk to main market and a peaceful picturesque view from the rooftop.

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