“Pussies in Dusternbrook”


This day trip is like a dream walk. The Cheetah and Leopard Drive takes place every afternoon, and you will have the opportunity to see, from the safety of a vehicle, at least one of each of our Leopards and Cheetahs at feeding time. These big cats are free roaming within large enclosures but not self-sustaining as there is not naturally enough game for them to survive on. There is lots of space, and from the vehicle you will have a great view for taking some amazing photographs of these beautiful creatures.

Points To Be Noted:

  • Duration of tour: At 14.00 in winters(April – September) and at 15.30 in summers(September – April) – for 50 minutes.
  • Trip cost starts at 600 USD.
  • Minimum number of persons for the trip is 2.
  • Package cost includes transfers to and from Windhoek including the tour.
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