Quest to solace: Manali to Ladakh

Photo of Quest to solace: Manali to Ladakh 1/3 by Deepak
Photo of Quest to solace: Manali to Ladakh 2/3 by Deepak
Photo of Quest to solace: Manali to Ladakh 3/3 by Deepak

There are many places around the globe which are impossibly separable parts of lives of people who managed to mark their presence at those respective places. If I were to disclose all those places which are significantly tourist attraction or even the places where I have been, then this article would have worn you out and you would have started to browse something else out of sheer boredom. But this article is about one place where I have been. The ambience of which is still etched on my memory.

At the Himalayan region, there is a beautiful town named Manali which can be regarded as a master link to one of the highest highways in the world.

Rohtang pass which interlinks itself with Ladakh region is a paramount pass on Leh-Manali highway and is a source of temptation for many adventurous riders but is a devil of a route for regular drivers who often have to drive transport vehicles on this highway. They still drive not because of it's an adrenaline rush for them but because it's a sole thing which their livelihood is dependent upon.

No doubt everything which makes this route impassable, also keeps it wanted on the list. The road seems to keep meandering for eternity but what surrounds it is breathtaking panorama of beautifully snow covered sand and rock mountains.

These mountains which are not habited by anyone, which are so silent, have so much to say all of a sudden only if you are willing to listen to them.

This route is open only between June and September. For rest of the year, it remains covered with snow and is not accessible. There is a famous belief - "Do not plan your itinerary, if you want to enjoy your trip". But trust me any glitch in your plan can turn out to be fatal. Many travelers organize tented camps due to the grueling journey which is sometimes accompanied by worse road conditions. I would recommend tented camp as a 'must-include' thing in your trip to this highway and of course you will include it if you would want to explore till you arrive in Leh. Your journey from Manali to Leh will constitute distance over 400 Kms.

Don't miss on paragliding sessions at Rohtang pass either. Altogether, you'll be amazed to witness this form of life and this form of nature as well.

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