Strength & Beauty of Rajasthan

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Rajasthan is a State of India is situated in the wisest of northern India.It is a land of bravery & chivalry, romance & royalty. It is a land of contrast having scorching desert on one hand & high green conifers trees on the other hand.There are also places full of lakes & rivers. The land is full of surprises at every turn. The original men are tall healthy & handsome, while the woman are fair & beautiful.The people are very friendly, simple & helpful. The people of Rajasthan mostly live on milk & milk products.The people are full of joy & friendly, what one wonders whether this is where bloody battles were fought with the invaders & the women committed"Jauhar" for the sake of honour & pride.

The topography of Rajasthan is amazing & one wonders that how does one state have it all.Green lush forests merging into dry hot desert.It is a desert state where lakes & rivers abound with various species of fauna & flora.National parks & wildlife sanctuaries have been established in which the safety of the visitors & the animals well taken care of, the establishment abounds in tigers, spotted deer, blue bull, wild pig & hundreds of type of migratory birds. Rajasthan has forts & citadels big & small as per the stature & power of the "Maharaja or Raja". The people on whom they ruled established cities & towns around them. Cottage in industry is a very popular method of employment, producing coloured fabrics & jewellery, art & craft. Industry has sprung up in the state in the field of booming oil, textile & handicrafts.The state is famous for miniature paintings & frescoes. During the festival season the visitors are amazed by the folk dances in colourful dresses with rhythms & songs.

During a visit to Rajasthan one should live in a Palace of a Maharaja or a Raja which have since been converted into hotels & havelis in the middle of a desert. Besides the comfort & luxurious stay mentioned above, budget hotels are also available which are clean & safe.Foodies shall have a great time because every region in the state have their own cuisine from vegetarian delicacies to non-vegetarian continental royal cuisine.At the end of the introduction please note that the Rajasthanis are very God fearing people & the state is dotted with temples historical background in far-flung areas. Rajasthan is well connected by air, rail & road to all the major cities in the country. Railways & buses also conduct sight seeing tours to all the important cities in the state.Folks the introduction is over & henceforth I shall inform you about the strength & beauty of the people of Rajasthan.

Few Days ago I completed a trip of Rishikesh & Haridwar, Masuri , Jodhpur, Ramdevra, Udaipur, Ajmer . I will early share My Trip Experience with Tripoto.