Ranipuram: where nature paints the shades of greenery in the hill station

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A real escape from the urban lifestyle that people have been leading in this era is mandatory when the peace of mind is a major need. The sights that sooth the soul are those that are synced in with nature. These sights are mostly available in the gods own country of Kerala where the hills and backwater have its own story to tell the people. And these places can be maximum explored when along with the family. A Kerala tour package for family lets the people in the lands that are blessed with the abundance of greenery in it. One such heaven on earth is Ranipuram located at Kasargod. The hills showcase the beauty of the mountain ranges of Western Ghats. The place is known for its trekking trails reaching the top of which the people can get similar views of Ooty due to which the destination is also known as the "Ooty of Kerala".

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The families reaching the place often come with food and snacks so that they can spend some good time atop the hill. A trek of 5 kilometers is required in order to reach the top. Grasslands and shola woods cover most of the way to the peak. A wildlife sanctuary is linked to it due to which there is a chance of spotting animals like elephants and deer. The interested families can set on a jeep safari through the sanctuary where they get to spot various other animals like jungle cats and boars. People can also carry binoculars and other required things for bird watching where they get to see the numerous species of birds residing in the locality.

The place is also a paradise for the photographers where they can click beautiful pictures of the scenic delight that falls through the light of the sun. Vegetation is also done in the hills which also adds to the photographs. The existence of Shola forests can only be found in very few places due to which people reach this destination to exclusively to see it and capture the forests with the butterflies fluttering around. Ranipuram was also previously known as Maduthamala due to the existence of forest trails from the state of Karnataka. The topmost peak, named Manimala is the place that excites every traveler even after a tiring trek as the scenery is attractive and pleasing at the same time.

Photo of  Ranipuram: where nature paints the shades of greenery in the hill station 3/3 by GoGeo Holidays

It has a climatic condition that supports trekking except during the monsoon season. A traveler should keep apart a whole day to enjoy the trekking Two major factors are to be kept in mind when travelling to the place. The travelers should avoid wandering at the hill station before the sunrise or after the sunset as it is considered unsafe. The wild animals might be loitering around which is the prime reason to the unsafely. Another factor to be kept in mind is to carry preventive measures to avoid leeches. As the place comes under forest premises, leeches are common due to which it is necessary to wear proper clothes and shoes. A soft trek to the top of Ranipuram would be a satisfying journey where the bliss of nature lets the people lapse into what may be called a sheer show of sparkling nature. The trip also lets the people stay at the cottages that are located at Ranipuram or Kasargod so that other tourist destinations like Bekal Fort and Kappil Beach can also be explored. It turns to be a perfect family destination when the travelers plan a weekend getaway where the orchids and the misty path follows throughout the journey.

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