Reaching delhi


Delhi. What do I say!? I have had past experiences with the city and they were not quite great. Well, maybe it was the hustle bustle, maybe it was the pollution, but this time, it wasn’t the same case. This time, it was the joy and the anticipation of meeting this awesome person who I have been communicating through the little portals of light. The city was glittering with lights and the only missing piece was that unicorn which pooped rainbows.

There were so many things in my mind which I needed to flush out of my system and thus, the journey, thus meeting this incredible person who practically would shoo away all the stupid thoughts and the problems away in a snap. There is still something about this creature which I haven’t really found in any of the other relationships I have had. No homo. Huh. You wish.

Life can become very monotonous sometimes; even when you are doing the things you love the most. I was very lucky that I got to choose what I wanted, and for me it was learning the art of film. But, doing it time and again, clubbed with the stupid stuff that goes in every batch (or maybe my batch is special in that way), made me lose interest in the same thing I love. Confusing, yeah?

Okay…imagine this- You have a new favourite ed sheeran song and you listen to it time and again, everyday on repeat. There will be one time when you will start disliking the song, and want to listen to new things, or things that you stopped listening to a long time back. Same was the case with me and my interest in my field and thus this travel with my guy meant a lot to me.

Well. The long train journey from Hyderabad to Delhi was almost for about 45 hours and it was mind numbingly tiresome. The only thing that kept me going was to meet this twonk and to see places like we had been planning since forever now. So off I was in Delhi, the new feeling of independence and not really relying on my parents or any elders for that matter of fact was sort of scary, but hey, it was an adventure that I had to take by myself. It was my journey, and the only support that I wanted to have was me.

The thing with help is that you won’t get it unless you ask for it. Other cases are special cases and you are lucky if you don’t have to ask. But well…new in the city, new to the lifestyle, I already started to struggle my way through. I had to take a cycle rickshaw, which was awesome by the way, it reminded me of my grandfather in Nagpur who would take me places in a cycle rickshaw. Then the metro…yeah….I didn’t know how the system worked- how to get the tickets, how to get on it, what route is what, etc. After asking for help, a kind dude helped me out with the tickets and what train to catch. Well, even then I ended up reaching the wrong station, and after a few attempts, I finally figured my way to the specific place my friend asked me to come and he as supposed to pick me up from there. Later switching from a bus to a tuktuk, I reached the place and well, he wasn’t there.

Take a look at this little travel video I managed to make out of the several random footages I was taking along the way.