Reasons for spending winter holidays in India

21st Nov 2017

Please check the below reasons for spending winter holidays in India

• Houseboat cruise on backwater

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The legendary backwaters of Kerala have allured tourists and travelers since a long time. These amazing stretches of canals, lakes and lagoons, flanked by coconut trees, present a perfect picture of serenity and tranquility. The best way of experiencing them is on a traditional houseboat, also known as “Kettuvallam”. During winters, the cool weather enhances the entire experience. Further, this is also the time when various backwaters destinations hold boat races and other exciting events.

• Luxury train rides

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Luxury trains in India showcase the various splendors and magnificence of the country while pampering you in a fashion fit for the royals. Winters is the best time to embark on these luxurious train rides. From the month of October to the month of March, embark on a ride towards some of the historical, cultural and various other fascinations in India. With the cool and pleasant weather keeping you company, this is the best time to take a ride on these luxury trains and explore the various marvels of India.

• Scuba diving

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Scuba diving is an extremely adventurous and exciting activating throughout the year. With its vast coastline and great weather, it boasts some of the most exotic diving locations in the world. However, one can experience the best of this adventurous activity during the winter season. When it comes to scuba diving, no other destination delivers as much excitement as the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Lakshadweep Island is also highly sought after as a diving destination.

• Skiing in Auli

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Auli is rightly known as one of the best destinations for skiing in India, because it possess the best skiing grounds in the world. The slopes here, which are located at an altitude of almost 2,500m to 3,000m, offer exciting opportunities for both beginners as well as professional skiers. During the winters, the entire experience is taken to the next level as the slopes are covered with a thick carpet of snow about 3m deep.

• Wildlife Safari

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Wildlife safari is all about surprises, adventures and lovely memories. In India, a wildlife safari also offers to deliver you unusual experiences like an elephant ride. When it comes to viewing the exotic wildlife of India, no season serves that purpose better than the winters. From the one-horned rhinoceros to the royal Bengal tiger, the dense forests of India are home to several attractions. During the winter season, the cool and pleasant weather plays the perfect host for an exciting safari into the world.

• Beach Time

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India boasts an enormous coastline, and as such, is home to hundreds of beaches that are visited by the tourists the year round. From Goa and Tamil Nadu to Goa and Odisha, every beach holds its peculiar charm. Winters is the time to head to the beach. The sun’s rays soothe the body while the cool breeze reinvigorate the senses. From engaging in water sports activities to lounging around on the beach, one can always have a great day at the beach. The lovely weather embellishes the entire experience to a great extent.

• Desert Safari in Jaisalmer

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A desert safari brings alive all the romances that we associate with the desert. Riding on a camel and enjoying every part of that bumpy ride while exploring the sand dune with a jeep gifts you with memories that last for a lifetime. The best time to experience the camel ride is during the wintertime, though. During the winter months, the cool weather allows you to camp in the open under the moonlit skies along with food and drinks around the campfire. This is also the best way of exploring the lifestyle and culture of the people of the desert.

• Music Festivals

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Rajasthan hosts numerous music festivals throughout the year, and each of them draw their fair share of supporters. One of these is the Rajasthan International Folk Festival which is held at Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. The most popular of all is undoubtedly Rajasthan, which involves 3 days of film and music while camping out in the dunes. Jodhpur however, witnesses the congregation of Sufi lovers from around the globe for the World Sufi Spirit Festival.

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