Reasons Why Men Love Happy Times


Men seek happiness for different reasons but ladies always assume that getting laid is the only reason.

Men of different types go to places like hustler club lasvegas. From professional to jobless men, you will meet different types of men here. Entertainers serve as cheap therapist most of the time because men sometimes go to these places to just talk to someone who would not condemn or judge them.

There are three kinds of guys who visit clubs. The first kind is the good guy. Good guys are oftentimes single men who want to talk about their lives and their problems. They just don't want to have strings attached so they prefer paying to meet women. Keep in mind however that these men don't want any advice but just need an ear to him unload his sentiments.

The second kind is the bad guy. Bad guys are known to be master manipulators. Some of them are drug dealers.

The last kind is the plain creepy guy which many entertainers try to avoid.

However, there are men who just don’t want to visit these types of places. They would rather spend quality time with their family rather than spending time a closed and dark place.

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