Reasons You Should Visit Myanmar


Myanmar was formerly known as Burma is a vast country in Southeast Asia that is officially known as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. It is a densely populated country whose main religion is Buddhism. It has many exciting places you can visit when on a trip to the state. If you are considering Myanmar tours then here are a few of the sites.

1. Ngapali Beach:

It is one of the most beautiful unexplored beaches in the world. Here, you will have a quiet time just relaxing and enjoying the sun, sand, swimming and exploring. It is located in the state of Rhakine. There is also a golf course near the Ngapali Beach hotel for those who love the sport.

2. Get to See the Largest Golden Monument in the World:

The golden rock Pagoda is a pyramid that was made from pure gold. Ancient kings and queens used to deposit tons of gold yearly on the monument. It is a beautiful pyramid located on a hill. It is very sacred to the locals. The locals believe that Buddha holds the rock in place with one strand of his hair.

3. Explore the Temples and Ruins on the Land:

Myanmar tours boasts of some of the oldest temples and ruins in the world. It is interesting to tour them and learn a few things about the people's religion, how the ruins were built and how they have survived all these years. The best places to visit are Bagan, Ananda, and ShwezigonPaya temples. Most of them have been abandoned for many years.

4. Visit Mount Popa:

This mountain is about an hour away from Pagan. It is 1500m high, and Buddhists have been known to climb the 777 steps to the shrine to pay their respects to curved figures that they believe to be their gods. This has been going on for over 700 years.

5. Visit Mrauk's Abandoned Shrines:

It was the capital city of Rhakine State before the 18th century. Up to date, you will find temples and shrines scattered in the fields and hills around. You can still see remains of ancient cities and kingdoms around. It is interesting to learn about the life, culture, and religion of the people who lived there though it may seem like there has never been a trace of life around the area for centuries.

6. Climb the Highest Mountain in Southeast Asia:

Mount Hkakabo is the tallest mountain standing at 5881 meters above sea level. It is also an accessible mountain to climb. Although getting to the base of the mountain can be a bit difficult because of the rough terrain, many mountain lovers have had success stories to tell about their experience on the mountain.

7. Learn the Culture of the Locals:

Lahu, Aeng, Akha, and Shan are some of the minorities in Myanmar who live in Kyengton. They have a vibrant and exciting culture that would interest any visitor to the area. To get there, you have to trek as no roads are connecting the region.

Myanmar's rich history and thriving ancient life make it a significant attraction for tourists visiting Southeast Asia. Once there, you will find many other exciting places in the country.

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