Red world above the clouds

2nd Jan 2019
Photo of Red world above the clouds by Avinash
Day 1

It was the night when I was planning to head back to my hometown in spite of a confirmed ticket of sleeper class from Noida to Raipur I was willing to go in flight but the cost somehow threatened me of my budget planning of to and fro for the purpose of visit in Noida. Soon after a mastermind of my batch came to me and ask to join him for the back journey from Noida to Raipur. Sincerely I wasn't interested in accompanying his journey but he lured me along with a flight ticket which was costing the same as that of my 3rd AC moreover less than that of 3rd AC. The flaw in his planning was that he didn't plan later after the flight destiny which was not exactly the destination of our journey. The flight was to leave us at Nagpur which was almost 300 km away from Raipur, so it was a headache to change from airways to roadways. So we decided to take the train after a flight from Nagpur.

Day 2

We were eagerly waiting for the flight journey from Delhi to Nagpur, which we booked two days before the flight and the flight costs less than the cost of 3rd AC of same route.

Day 3

So, we headed to the airport one night before the flight. Since the flight was in the morning we decided to leave Noida at night time only. As usual, we were late to catch the last metro from Okhla metro station. It was the last metro and we were about a minute to catch the metro but the metro itself started late by 5 mins. This shows our luck at the beginning of our journey.
There were few people in the metro and I was eating my dinner which I packed it before the journey. Later than we arrived at the airport and kept our luggage in the waiting seat. We started with the overnight calls which accompanied us like the last minute before we slept and also lead to change in date.

Day 4

There were few beddings in the airport the one who got the beddings felt like luckiest one. Fortunately, it was me who got that bedding a few hours before the flight. The call for the passengers of Nagpur flight was half an hour before my alarm rings out in the morning so I hurried to the board for the flight after refreshing myself from the washroom of the airport.
After boarding the white indigo flight I entered the flight in dark night I just asked to give my window seat which was captured by another person. After a long argument with the person, I asked the air hostess for the arrangement of my window seat, then she politely warned the person who left the seat for me. I got my seat then I waited for the flight to take off from the Delhi Airport which gave me a glimpse of city-lights of Delhi at 5:17 AM.
Soon after the flight was above the clouds and it was about to sunrise which looks so pleasant above the clouds you will surely amaze to see such beautiful scenery at 5:46 AM it was an orangish red colour line just above the clouds.
Soon after at 5:48 AM, it becomes a yellowish white line. These sceneries are really amazing to fulfil your heart and eyesight. Moreover, the morning flights are the cheapest flight when compared to that of evening and night time. It can be easily bought from any booking websites the only thing you have to maintain is that you will have to reserve your seat either at the time of booking or by boarding a little early for a window seat.
I didn't miss any single minute of the beautiful view from my window until I was interrupted by another beauty asking me for a tea. I had a cup of tea it rejuvenated the sense of being awake since I was sleepy but don't want to miss the view of dawn in the morning from the window of the flight.
It was around 6:15 AM, I completed my tea and was looking from the window how the light was getting brighter and brighter.
At around 6:00 AM the sun was ready to come out from the clouds and got captured in my mobile permanently, I captured the view at 6:09 AM.
The sky was almost yellow after 6:19 AM
Then finally the flight landed in Nagpur within 10 minutes, it was at 6:31 when flight started to get down from the high altitude. It took 10 minutes to complete the landing by 6:41 AM we were at the ground and the temperature of Nagpur was quite soothing in the morning time.
It was really a charmful morning along with the rising sun above the clouds and the tea served by the air hostess was really worth f money I invested throughout my journey. I would like you to have the same experience at least once in your life.

View of city-lights from my window at 5:17AM

Photo of Red world above the clouds by Avinash

Scenery at 5:46 AM

Photo of Red world above the clouds by Avinash

The Scenery at 05:48 AM.

Photo of Red world above the clouds by Avinash

The Scenery at 6:09 AM

Photo of Red world above the clouds by Avinash

Tea at 6:15 AM

Photo of Red world above the clouds by Avinash

The scenery at 6:19 AM

Photo of Red world above the clouds by Avinash

View at 6:30 AM

Photo of Red world above the clouds by Avinash

Landed at Nagpur at 6:41AM

Photo of Red world above the clouds by Avinash

Going down at 6:31AM

Photo of Red world above the clouds by Avinash
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