ReImagine India

1st Sep 2017
Day 1

The title of my first travel blog may be misleading to few. Although it clearly says ReImagine India, I actually travelled across WESTERN EUROPE. It took a hefty sum of INR 300K and 17 days to make me really understand my home country better. With an expectation to see something new, I packed my bags and left on to the much awaited Europe tour, which is like a dream tour for a lot (especially Yash Johar movie fans :p), however every moment what I could do was just compare what I saw with what I have seen.

My Europe tour began with our first noon at Heathrow Airport, when we landed at 2:00pm in London and my first impression was Ahhhh, OK, I miss IGIA (Indira Gandhi International Airport) and believe me, no where I am exaggerating my content just to make my title look relevant, haha. There were long queues at the immigration counter and Heathrow, being one of the busiest airport globally, this was very much expected, however what was not expected was the people management by the officials. If I were to explain to my Indian friends, I would say the airport functioned in a very DESI manner, with no proper guideline to get your immigration done quickly. This was a leisure trip with my family, however I could imagine this taking toll on business travelers.

During this trip of 17days, I encountered lot of new experiences which India wont ever offer, however there were many interesting moments, when you wish if India was more practical and less religious then today we would have been one of the most visited countries by foreigners. The day I visited the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, it was a hot scorching noon. So first of all, it very well set the tempo of the day and then on top of it, the crowd that has been pushed inside the limited space of the tower. Once you reach the viewpoint after standing in long queues, all you could do is wait for your turn to go out. So while standing in the queue, when you start reminiscing some of your memories when you visited such iconic monuments, suddenly the picture of TAJ MAHAL flashes in and stays there and all you could do is, ask yourself, why people call this structure A SYMBOL OF LOVE? And I still dont have any answer to it.

After France was Netherlands and my comparison did not stop. As I roamed around in the streets of Amsterdam, all I could think of, was of Kasol. Narrow streets and river fronts, both have been the speciality of Ahmedabad as well, although we do not have canals running across every street and cruise running in those canals, however we got same Italy offered a similar experience as well.

My trip began with London and I could find no match to it, in terms of a perfect mix that London has preserved between its historic beauty and modern structures. On one hand while you are admiring beauty of London Bridge, Big Ben, Waterloo Station, Trafalagar Square, you get glimpses of London Eye and The Shard, which you just cant resist till it is gone out of your sight. However the real comparison began soon when I moved to France realise that you missed seeing While we are in India, we always think of amazing

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