Why I fell in love with islands so deeply!!

Photo of Why I fell in love with islands so deeply!! by Er Avneet Aziz Khurana


Visiting an island had alsways been on my mind but I never thought that being on the one can change my perspective for them! I always had imagined myself on a beach with my loved one like all the teenager girls out there.. It was supposed to be just like a typical honeymoon vacation like everyone else did but something really surprising happened on my trip that transformed me to a new person. I am really swayed by the beauty of the place but far above it I viewed the most stunning landscapes, inhaled the clean air and revived my soul with the purity of the island. I think this is the top reason why I fell in love with the islands more...

I am surprised by the life people live on the islands and sometimes feel jealous for not having the one as theirs.. Though it seems kiddish but I truly admire the glory of islands and the life of people there. Only what I could see by being on an island is everything is so calm and relaxing. Every sound that you hear is not a noise and every sight that your eye catches is not soaring to the eyes as we experience otherwise in our day to day life.

To sum up why I fell in love with the islands deeply, here comes my video. Please watch the video on YouTube and toggle to the HD quality for the better audio and video.

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