Religious Soul 😁

2nd Aug 2020
Day 1

Religious Soul 😁

When you knew you grew up in that country culture where every next door is the place of God's residence . You walk by and see the countable deities in our country and the belief people have in each one of them .

From the childhood itself I had never felt that vibes , that connection so that I can walk an extra mile and reach out to offer prayers to any God !

I have been to temples , gurudwara , mosques , churches and what not but I find my place outside the place of worship .

I had always believed in that God resides in you and that supreme power is stronger enough not to be reached by your naked eyes at one particular place .

Travelling to such places is always beautiful though , you reach there at top of mountain and ring the bell in temple , you reach at the prettiest of churches and you reach there ay perfect architectural excellence in Mosque .

While I know these places gives me enough calm / mental peace but then my best spot at my religious place is outside doing stuff like this in picture .

Find God in doing right things ❤️

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Photo of Religious Soul 😁 by Travel_Sperm 🇮🇳