Story of the wrestling


Story of the Year may be a rock group based in St. Louis, Missouri and is currently producing songs as late as this year.

Band History

Back in 1995, four members - Ryan Philips, Greg Haupt, Adam Russell, and Dan Marsala banded together to make Big Blue Monkey. For seven straight years, they have been performing as local band while releasing three EPs during the amount in. Their third EP was titled Story of the Year and wrestling merchandise it had been that name that prompted the group to vary their band name thereto name after they acknowledged that a blues group has an equivalent name.

During the transition, Greg Haupt left the band while Philip Sneed took over to handle the guitar and other roles including vocals, piano, and keyboards. Dan Marsala who wont to be the drummer in Big Blue Monkey took on the vocals role while a replacement member - Josh Wills joined to be the new drummer and percussionist. Ever since, the band stayed together.

Studio Albums Released

In 2002, Story of the Year took on new goals by attempting to succeed in bent the general public by signing a affect Maverick Records in order that they can continue to record their first studio album - Page Avenue the eddie guerrero shirt subsequent year. Dan Marsala wrote and sang the primary single of that album - "Until the Day I Die" and was aired on various radio stations to contribute to its worldwide sales which totaled quite 1,000 at the time. one among the singles therein album - "And the Hero Will Drown" even made it to the favored Need for Speed: Underground title by EA as a music track. it had been the second single - "Anthem of Our Dying Day" that garnered most of the success.

Before the discharge of their second album, a compilation of their videos on touring and live performances came out on CD entitled "Live within the Lou/Bassassins" which was praised by fans. that very same year in late 2005, "In the Wake of Determination" made its release as their second album although it wasn't as successful, but still maintained an edge within the Billboard 200 at number 19. the subsequent year, Story of the Year travelled with supporting bands Flogging Molly and Emery to Australia and New Zealand to try to to a tour.

Not much was heard from Story of the Year until 2008 when the producer of Page Avenue John Feldmann returned to form "The Black Swan". Story of the Year signed with Epitaph Records and proceeded onward while ending their relationship with Maverick records.

Band Merchandise

Due to their popularity gained from multiple tours and album successes, official Story of the Year merchandise was later made. Story of the Year merch is currently sold in various online retailers including rockmerch and corpse clothing.


Page Avenue was their hottest album with three of their singles making it within the top 50 Hot Modern Rock Tracks of 2004.

Present Time

Story of the Year recently covered a song "Just Close Your Eyes" that was previously used for wrestling alexa bliss merchandise superstar Christian's entrance theme. the subsequent month on March 2009, the band shot a video for one among their songs "Terrified" where the story is predicated on the lyrics.