Revisit the Mall Road in Mussoorie for eclectic experiences

Photo of Revisit the Mall Road in Mussoorie for eclectic experiences 1/5 by Yamini Iyer
Mussoorie from the vantage point of Lal Tibba

Steaming cups of tea, crazy street food, and beautiful mountains epitomize the essence of Mussoorie. The hill town has many sights and pleasures on offer for hodophiles and foodies alike. Mall Road is the pride and jewel of this little town. Previously a shopping hub, the road is now also known for the little restaurants that have cropped up on its sidewalks in the past few years. It has slowly become a food-lover's paradise with its quaint cafes and eateries. Everything, from the Christ Church to the cute shops, screams authenticity and beauty. But, while you may have visited Mussoorie many times, have you revelled in the delights of the famous Mall Road?

Here is list of my favourite things to do at Mall Road to make the most of your Mussoorie experience:

1. The Christ Church

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The Christ Church is an important landmark and a peaceful haven for churchgoers and history buffs alike. Built in 1836, it is believed to be the oldest church in the Himalayan region. With its Gothic architecture and impressive facade, it is one of the major attractions of the road. Every evening, it is lit up with colourful lights like an opera house and displayed in all its glory.

2. The Glen

Photo of Revisit the Mall Road in Mussoorie for eclectic experiences 3/5 by Yamini Iyer

Among the many beautiful cafes and restaurants at Mall Road, The Glen stands out with its bohemian ambience and great music. It features a live band that performs on most evenings and decent food. As you enter, you are greeted by a large wall-art titled, 'Auld Lang Syne'. The art beckons you into an alternate dimension of music and food, away from the hustle and bustle of the street outside. Retreat to the Restro- Bar for a great dining experience.

3. The Soy Story

Photo of Revisit the Mall Road in Mussoorie for eclectic experiences 4/5 by Yamini Iyer

As you walk further along the road, you come across an unassuming little eatery. The quirky decor and cosy seating options invite you into the world of Asian food. The baos and the momos are heavenly, as is the wide range of soups and curries on the menu. So head to The Soy Story on a cold winter's day for a Thukpa or a plate of steaming momos. You will not regret it!

4. A Shoppers' Paradise

Many tiny shops adorn the sidewalks, selling everything from clothes to home decor. There are gorgeous winter coats on display, and you can strike insane bargains for woollen items such as scarves, shawls, and sweaters. Look out for the Kashmiri emporium at the end of the road; it is like a mini-Kashmir nestled in the heart of Mussoorie. The paper mâché wall hangings that I bought from here are the proud residents of my bedroom even today.

5. Delectable Street Food

Photo of Revisit the Mall Road in Mussoorie for eclectic experiences 5/5 by Yamini Iyer
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Overflowing with Kebabs, Chaat, and Aloo Tikkis, the street food in Mussoorie is a decadent, calorie-ridden affair. As you scour the street for some comfort against the raging Himalayan winds, indulge in street food at Mall Road, it is like a warm hug. Experience the Bal Mithai at the many sweet shops strewn across the length of the road.

Apart from the above, a casual night walk amidst hundreds of glittering lights from the ever-bustling shops can offer a therapeutic getaway. So revisit Mussoorie for the delights of Mall Road, and you will find yourself going back to it again and again whenever you need respite from your mundane life.

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