Ride High on the Wave of History and Culture at Cape Town


Cape Town is a place that has a bit of everything on its plate. History, art, culture, nature; you name it and the city will bring it to you on a silver platter with a string of options. And when you have flown all the way to here via flights to Cape Town in an effort to add a new twist to your vacation time then you are surely in for a world of surprises, thankfully all the good ones. The Robben Island is yet another site that you surely want to visit when you are nearby. Apart from being the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the South African National Heritage Site, it was central to many historically and politically significant events too.

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It was only here that the legendary Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for a total of 18 years before being shifted to some other prison. This noteworthy incident has made this place central to many museums and repositories that presently depict his unforgettable fight for justice in great detail. Connected by a ferry with Cape Town, today it has become the prime tourism spot with Robben Island Museum and other such marvellous collections to its account which can be the joy of your eyes with tickets to Cape Town.

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There is a church on the island too that might be humble on the outside but bears great religious significance for people belonging to all religions. Moturu Kramat is another revered pilgrim spot that is central to the Muslim culture. It was actually the site to where the Moturu Kramat was exiled during the 17th century. Robben Island lighthouse is another noteworthy sight of this place that gives a pretty nice view of the entire island, especially during the evening. Cheap flights to Cape Town add to all this adventure in the most cost-efficient way possible for you and your family.

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