Rishikesh- Rafting in the Ganga


Hrishikesh was a stunning experience with a bunch of 35 complete unknown people from all over India, all come together with Pugmarks, based in Pune. We boarded a train from Mumbai to Delhi, another train from Delhi to Haridwar, and a 7 hour bus ride till our campsite in Rishikesh.

Tents were already set up for us, we had dinner and went off to sleep. Next day morning we went for our first 12 kilometre rafting experience. The day after that we went for another 12 kilometre rafting. The third day we were taken for bungee jumping in the day, and the beautiful Ganga aarti in the evening. The fourth day we went for a total of 28 kilometres of rafting.

The fifth day we left for haridwar, boarded a train to Delhi, boarded another train to Mumbai where we all departed for our particular cities. The instructors of the camp were as crazy as us. The people at the camp were from all around India, from Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, etc. As unknown to each other we were in the beginning of the camp, all of us hugged tight and refused to let go by the end of the camp. It was a beautiful experience and Rishikesh is definitely one peaceful place and I recommend each of you to go there. :)

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