River Cottage Youlgreave - A review by perry Estelle [Guide]

Photo of River Cottage Youlgreave - A review by perry Estelle [Guide] by Khadija Tul Ain

This haven in the Peak District, is a holiday my family and I will surely remember for its quiet triumphs...

Photo of River Cottage Youlgreave - A review by perry Estelle [Guide] 1/2 by Khadija Tul Ain

If you want to stay in the Peak District, in a cottage without frills, unencumbered, by gimmicks. Without the normal expectancy, unashamed luxury, then this bashful cottage is for.

Cheaper than a Travelodge you can stay in the Peak District, in this delightful and most organic accommodation, nestling in its own pocket of paradise, and savour a great experience in Youlgreave in the foothills of the Peak district.

The fact is, folks. I found a place that gave me the very best of the Peak District, and we had a fine old time.

This cottage is a great little bolthole!!!

Andrea and I had to forage a little bit! It was a challenge to find. That excited me!

Photo of River Cottage Youlgreave - A review by perry Estelle [Guide] 2/2 by Khadija Tul Ain

Tucked away behind a small green ‘cliff’ was this stone retreat in a tiny cluster of riverfront abodes, with a nature trail along the bank, below some 200 yards at the foot of the property. Access, was steep track straight to the bottom. The river morphed for miles, from brook to stream and then torrent, meandering through a small ravine, lined with woodland either side. Stone bridges and drystone walls connected to some undulating forest, that became part of our backdrop and early morning constitutional.

We tripped down this track with Stanley our dog for him to paddle and play. Not for long. This is where wildlife abounds! Back on the lead he goes.

So, after a quick panning of this lush spot, flanking the ‘fortification’ was a sweeping route straight across a huge meadow heading for the Peaks.

Now, the cottage, or ‘The Notch’, as I called it, is cosy and unpretentious. Pretty, and characterful, with a touch of the rustic. Mandatory, Inglenook with wood-burner. Upstairs is even cosier. Some vintage décor and a clean comfy double bed, with bunks for the kids next door. Cheerfully presented bathroom.

Demure furnishing, and local art on the walls. Lounging, sofas. The galley kitchen has a stairway ascending. It is dainty, fitted, conventional and straightforward. All cupboards provided for, and are ‘unbuttoned’. A cute table and chairs by the window.

We all found the accommodation unassuming and placid in humble repose. No beat of the drum or ceremony. It has its own humble merits. A hospitable secluded lodge, with a heart. Friendly, without the flam.

The peaceful and serene ambience warmed me to this wonderful piece of Derbyshire.

Derby holds a great appeal for those visitors in search of unspoilt tradition and character. In the shadow of the ornate Cathedral tower lies a great multi-cultural city bursting with a wealth of entertainment venues, attractions, parks and shops. Derby is perfect for those in search of a short break, whatever their needs.


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