Road to Furious

16th Feb 2017
Photo of Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates by Anil

First off, the drive to Abu Dhabi was amazing! I instantly fell in love with driving in the UAE. The highways had 5-7 lanes, and the speed limits were 120-140 km/h. There was no traffic, no stopping, just pure speed and freedom! It definitely made me hate Toronto driving much more.

Photo of Angar - Yas Island - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates by Anil

On our way to Abu Dhabi, we stopped about 45 minutes outside of the city for lunch at Angar, inside the Yas Viceroy hotel. It was so good, that we ordered more than we could eat. We ended up trying quite a few dishes before we were stuffed! The service as well, was exceptional, as the waiter and chef treated each guest as they were the only ones there.

Photo of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates by Anil

After lunch we headed to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which was phenomenal. The size, stature, and design of the whole place was quite marvelous to look at. The only thing that ruined it was the chaos of people that were there. However, it was something to expect at such a large tourist attraction, but none the less, a great monument to see.

Photo of Jumeirah At Etihad Towers - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates by Anil

After the mosque, we headed straight into the city, and checked into our hotel for the night, Jumeirah at Etihad Towers. Being that it was the same buildings used to film the Lykan scenes in Furious 7, I was quite excited to see the exterior and stay inside. Upon check-in, the reception was phenomenal. They treated us to warm towels and their signature, lemon-mint drink. Included in our stay was a free breakfast buffet, as well as access to the observatory which you can get amazing views of the city, and gulf. After getting settled into the hotel we roamed the city for a little, while making our way to Emirates Palace (another hotel used in Furious 7), to take in the views, and have coffee and cake at the Café inside for the evening.

Photo of Emirates Palace - Al Ras Al Akhdar - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates by Anil

The next morning, we woke up and headed down for breakfast, which was decent. Not the greatest, but not bad as well. After breakfast we chilled out for a bit, until the observatory opened so that we could go up and get some views. There wasn’t much to do up top, except see a couple hotels from up above. When we finished, we decided to check-out and visit a local Souk before heading back to Dubai. The drive back was even better than driving to Abu Dhabi, as the sky was clearer, and I was more comfortable driving there. Just blitzing on the highway without having to worry about cars coming in the way… man, Toronto can definitely take some lessons.

Photo of Jumeirah At Etihad Towers - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates by Anil
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