Road trip from ziro arunachal pradesh to itanagar

5th Aug 2017
Day 10
Photo of Ziro by Yati Trip

People usually like to go himachal pradesh or jammu in summer but i decide to go in Arunachal pradesh in summer, lots of people tell me arunachal is more dangerous, might they will kill you but i show my courage and hit the the road from majuli to ziro arunachal and what i had found is haven, I feel like i am in heaven, villages are clean peoples are good nature

Photo of Ziro by Yati Trip
Day 11

after visit this place i don't believe what people are saying about to anyone still they are traditional but education and culture are also changing here

Photo of Ziro by Yati Trip

people are more connected to each other and they are not dependent on internet for enjoyment because they have better connection than internet,it's does't mean they don't use internet, usually girls do everything here.

Photo of Ziro by Yati Trip

They are Apatanis, they use bamboo to make their food but it does't mean everyday they are cooking their food in bamboo, It is their tradition and culture so they make food in bamboo in festival or when they want to cook meat or rice but they can cook anything in this way

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