Road trip - Tirthan valley and Kasol

31st Aug 2016
Day 1

We are planning to go for long Road trip preferably place where there is not much crowd and we find some quality time to refresh our mind from hectic time from our office.

Arvind (self) along with two colleague (Alok and Pankaj) finalized all the important things which we need for this trip. To name few important items - Whiskey, Namkeen, Smart phone, Data card, pen drive, Bluetooth speaker, battery bank & umbrella.

Finally we left office at 20:00 hrs and started our journey to Tirthan valley via sonipat, panipat, Ambala, Ropar, Bilaspur, Mandi, Aut and Gushaini

Started from office to Tirthan Valley

Photo of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India by Arvind Kumar
Day 2

Finally we reached our Trishla Resort at Tirthan Valley around 13:oo hrs after almost 17 hour drive non-stop from Noida

Photo of Tirthan, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India by Arvind Kumar

We relaxed in afternoon near riverside resort and had snacks and ask the guys to prepare dinner early as we tired of drive. We had fun till we gone for sleep in night around 22:00 hrs

Photo of Road trip - Tirthan valley and Kasol by Arvind Kumar
Day 3

Next Day after having breakfast at resort, we headed towards Kasol. We reached Kasol at 12:00 hrs and booked Room in Hotel (Turquoises) again at riverside

Photo of Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India by Arvind Kumar

After relaxing in afternoon, we went for small track to Chalal crossing small bridge. It started raining in mountains and we have to stay for sometime in shade till rain stops. It is getting dark and after some time rain stopped bit and we have decided to move towards our hotel.

We are using our mobile to torch to location the direction as we could hardly see anything. small passage between stone and river is flowing in full strength on one side.

After lot of effort we could finally reach Kasol. We tired and we have decided to go The Morris Cafe for some shots. very good place...must visit.

 Next day, we have decided to go Manikaran and Tosh. 

After Manikaran we are stopped at Barsini, which is based camp for Kheer ganga track. Road condition was not so good as construction work is going on as truck and bulldozer are working to prepare road. Tosh was just half km away and we have to return back to Kasol.

In evening we had dinner at Sami Kasol Cafe. Alok and Pankaj also arranged birthday cake for me as today is my birthday. We had cake and Israli food in cafe and returned to our hotel.

Next morning, we left early from our hotel as we need to return Delhi.

We had our breakfast near Aut, lunch at Bilaspur and Dinner at Murthal (Gulshan da dhabba).

This was very nice trip...loads of driving, mountain, river, amazing location and fun. Overall road condition was great. 

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