“Romance with Czech Republic”


If someone has just a week to spare and wants a memorable holiday, then Czech Republic is your place! This unique tour will take you through the “Historical pearl of Europe”, Prague. A city filled with unique architectural styles with its wealth of monuments, music, romance and nostalgia- it is mainly a modern city full of life. Then walk along the streets of the “Exquisite Medieval Jewel”, Cesky Krumlov. Lastly, feast your eyes on the renowned “Spa Town”, Karlovy Vary. Like most other countries in Europe, the Czech Republic is on Central European Time (GMT+1). European Summer Time (last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October) is GMT+2. The Czech Republic experiences all four seasons quite dramatically. Spring is a very pleasant time to visit with temperatures typically between 15C/60F and 20C/68F.

Points To Be Noted:

  • Accomodation will be provided. Cost for the Prague tour ranges from 11 USD to 106 USD depending on the choice of tour made.
  • Best time for the tour: Mid-March to June.
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