Romancing the beautiful Andaman Islands Wondrous Andaman Honeymoon Tour Packages!

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The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the best place in India to enjoy a refreshing honeymoon. The Andaman Islands make a beautiful picture of emerald green coconut groves bordered with golden sandy beaches and the entire landscape surrounded by turquoise blue sea water. This sight from the sky itself can make one romantic so just imagine what can happen when you land here for your honeymoon. The Andaman Islands have the best of everything in the world — climate, landscapes, beaches, forests, flora and fauna and the most eco-friendly environment. Cut out from the mainland of India by at least 700 kilometres, you will find this place very relaxing without any traffic and pollution. The people are also very friendly and it is not a crowded place. Among the 500 odd islands and rocks, only 36 are inhabited and most of these have more of forests and beaches than people staying there. Add to that some beautiful resorts to stay the Andaman Islands are the perfect place to spend your romantic honeymoon. Astonishing Honeymoon packages in Andaman can give you a lot of privacy, a beautiful and romantic backdrop and a lot of relaxation. You can also enjoy a rejuvenating aromatic spa or an Ayurvedic massage during your Andaman honeymoon.

The Andaman Islands have some indulging locations for the honeymoon couples. Though Andaman’s beaches are the most popular locations, the dense tropical forests, the rare flora and fauna and the mountains here are equally enthralling. Swimming, boating, fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling, trekking, mountain climbing, exploring the caves, jungle exploration, island camping etc. are some of the ex

citing activities you can experience with your loved one in these beautiful landscapes. Though these activities can be done in many other places, completely natural surroundings make these activities the most exciting in the Andaman Islands. Due to the increased demand for adventure activities during honeymoon Packages at Andaman many tour operators are now offering adventure trips along with honeymoon holidays. Honeymoon Packages for Andaman usually include a tour of Port Blair, the capital city, Havelock Island, Long Island, Smith and Ross Island, Baratang Island and Diglipur. The Little Andaman Island is a little far away and hence is an optional tour. The Nicobar Islands are the dwelling place of the protected tribes and hence you need a special permit to visit these islands. Port Blair is usually the base camp for Andaman honeymoon trips as it has the airport and the maximum facilities usually required by the tourists. Chennai is the nearest airport to the Andaman Islands and hence Attractive Andaman Honeymoon Packages from Chennai can be availed from reputed tour operators. Similarly, Kolkata is almost as close to the Andamans as Chennai and affordable Andaman Honeymoon Packages from top Cities including Kolkata can be availed online from reputed tour operators.

Romantic places in the Andaman Islands

Beaches are very romantic, especially with golden sand and turquoise blue sea water which is crystal clear from near. Sunny days by the beach side can be one of the few romantic ways to spend your Miraculous honeymoon Tour packages in Andaman. The climate in the Andaman Islands is quite pleasant for most of the days. Monsoons can roughen the sea a bit but you can spend some romantic time in the resort watching it rain and also stroll through the tropical forests while it is drizzling slightly. Port Blair has some romantic beaches and green landscapes like the Mount Harriet and Madhuban also where the honeymoon couples can spend some lovely time to cherish. The beaches in Port Blair are perfect for relaxing as the sea is usually pleasant here. Most of the beaches have benches, shaded areas and tree houses or tents for the tourists to relax. You can stroll through the tropical forest of Maduban to see some rare flora and fauna including some beautiful butterflies. Mount Harriet offers a stunning view of the Andaman Islands from its peak. The valleys of this mountain are quite green and hence are beautiful places to relax. The beachside resorts in Port Blair are very beautiful and the perfect place for your Andaman honeymoon. Diglipur also has some beautiful resorts located along the hills and forests. Havelock Islands and Neil Islands also have some cosy honeymoon resorts where you can stay overnight peacefully as these places are not much crowded by the tourists. You can visit other islands from these main islands and spend some time exploring them. The twin islands of Smith and Ross have beautiful beaches on one side and exciting forests on the other side. These islands are connected by a sandbar which gets flooded during the high tide. A stroll through these islands watching the beautiful sunset will be very romantic. The beaches of Neil Island are particularly famous for the breathtaking views of the sunset.

Exciting places in the Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands are not just all about beautiful places to see. There’s a lot of adventure in store here too. Trekking is one such activity you can do in Mount Harriet and Diglipur. You can explore the Mud volcanoes and Limestone caves in Diglipur and Baratang Islands. Boating to Little Andaman

Island is another adventurous activity as the sea can be pretty rough. But finally, when you get these you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful waterfalls and rocky mountains there. Camping in remote islands is another exciting way to spend your honeymoon in utmost privacy. Water activities are an inevitable part and pack of Significant Andaman tour packages. The tranquil blue waters are way too attractive to ignore. You can go swimming, snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, sailing and boating here. The banana boats and speedboats at Port Blair are very popular among the tourists. You can also stroll through the uninhabited islands to explore more beaches and forests. Sea walking at Cinque Island is a popular activity which is a must-do in the Andaman Islands. The tour operator will take you to deep sea and help you dive into the sea with proper equipment and guide. You can walk through the seabed and feel the colourful coral reefs and underwater aquatic flora and fauna.

Other interesting places in the Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands have a long history of invasion and has been ruled by the Chola, Maratha, Dutch, British and the Japanese before finally India’s brave soldiers won it over and made it a part of the Indian Union Territory. Many historic monuments lay spread in these islands most of which are in the ruins. The Cellular Jail is one popular monument which should not be missed. The British built this jail to confine the deported Indian and Burmese freedom fighters and used them as slaves to build their colonies. The light and sound show here portrays some brave stories of these gallantry men who lost their lives for their country. There are some museums in Port Blair which showcase the history, resources and life of the tribes in these Islands. The Marina Park, Mini Zoo, Scientific centre etc. are some other popular tourist attractions. You can also do some shopping at the Aberdeen Bazaar in Port Blair.

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