I can't think of a single traveler who doesn't have Italy on their travel list! And yes, it's justified, it being such a beautiful country with a rich and well-known history. Here is my quick guide to some of the major cities in Italy.

I was so happy to tick the incredible Colosseum off my list. Rome is a city of history and every street tells you a story. The mark of art is everywhere; music in every corner of the city and the best gelato in the world.

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I took a Hop-on Hop-off bus on day one, in which I pretty much covered all the tourist places, including Vatican City.

I suggest visiting Rome during the off season. I went in mid-April and most of the tourist places were filled with people.

I took pasta making classes the next day, ate lots of gelato and went on a sunset walking tour organised by the hostel I stayed at.

I went on a day trip to Capri on day three and it was perhaps the best thing I did while in Italy.

Where to stay in Rome: 

Hostels are my choice, as they organize walking tours, group tours, cooking classes and keep the environment very lively. Neighborhood: Rome has got some beautiful, breathtaking neighborhood, you can opt for day tours, pre-book from or similar to get great deals.

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 It took me a while to process that I was really in Venice, seeing and experiencing its incredible sights. It is a very fancy town and with the water everywhere, looks like an ornate film set

Here are the top activities you should do.

The actual town of Venice is small and you can cover most of the islands in a day using these boats. Also, hop-on hop-off boats are cheaper compared to buying individual tickets to islands.

2. The mandatory gondola ride

There are some things you can't miss when you are at Venice. The gondola ride is one of them. As price increases with demand, most gondola riders charge around 80 Euros per ride. You can talk them down to 70 Euros. Alternatively, you can take a shared gondola ride like I did to save a few bucks. You can also buy great gondola deals on Viator.

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3. Meet the crafts men on Murano island

Murano Island is known for glass factories and cute little glass souvenir stores. Everything in the store is handmade by the local craftsmen. Almost all the stores lead to the workshop backyard and allows tourists to see how the glass is made.

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Milan :

Milan is a shopper's paradise, or rather- a luxury shopper's paradise. It offers so much to travelers. Every shopping mall looks like a palace. Fashion lovers, plan your trip during fashion week to make the most of this global fashion capital.

I went on a day-long walking tour that managed to cover the royal palace, Milan Cathedral, Piazza del Duomo, luxury shopping malls, Opera House and via Mazoni (fashion street), which are all close to each other.

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> Go to the roof of Duomo to see the city differently.

> Though the metro in Milan is faster and easier, take a ride in one of those ancient trams which run through the city.

> If you are a street art lover do visit Isola, Leon Cavallo and Corso di Porta Ticines.


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