Rothenburg, the original disneyland.

13th Mar 2017

There's a reason why some statements become cliches. Old and boring they may sound, but they are simply undebatable. One like "change is a constant phenomenon" is just so true in a traveller's life, that it just cannot be questioned.

Naturally, after spending three days in the alpine ranges stretching across the Austrian border and the south of Germany, I craved for some change. The endless stretches of white left me feeling the need to take in some colour. As exciting as embarking on a trip into the mountains may sound, there comes a point when you want to feel the kind of thirst that mountain rivers can not quench. It is these insights that make you a traveler, really. I never believed it until I felt it myself and so, I was all set. Set to find the right drink in this cute little German village, up north.

It was a long train ride for me, from Salzburg to Munich and three train changes from Munich, each way (Why, you ask? I shall tell you shortly!). But I was determined and in search of some green parts of Germany, in the peak of winter.

Little did I know that the German railways would take a route that connected some medieval towns which are linked by the "Romantic-Road" leading into Central Germany. As the train rumbled into the Ansbach district, I got my first impression of GREEN GERMANY and places that are said to have inspired the romance of Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse. I realized then, why I hadn't fallen under the spell of Disneyland Paris when I visited the place in March, last year. I was still pretty much a tourist back then. I never really wondered if the quintessential ways of lifestyle in a picturesque village, nestled in the heart of a neighbouring European country could give me the right perspective about how my favourite childhood cartoons came into being.


The town was a short walk from the train station. I could easily walk around the entire town in a mere two and a half hours. As I walked it's cobbled streets, I was in complete awe of the old town and its square, so much that even the baker lady in disney cartoons seemed to have come to life in a little cafe that sold authentic German sweets. I stopped to buy her colourful tarts to see if she was real at all! :P

I am not one for museums, but even the old crime museum was fascinating. As I walked past the majestic town squares, I had completely forgotten about Rothenburg's town walls. Fortunately for me, just as I was about to leave the place, the narrow entrance into the staircase leading up to the walls caught my attention.


Old European villages have pathways that follow into spaces enclosed within their walls. I remember, in Spain, the town walls didn't have a roof. But here in Rothenburg, I had to watch out for windows for panoramic views of the town below. Imagine the concept of a room within a wall! That's exactly how it was, SO COOL! This one-of-a-kind experience was surely worth changing my mind about taking the next train towards Munich.

On my long journey back to Munich, I mused about how Mickey and Minnie Mouse must have walked the walls, hand in hand, admiring their hometown below. Watch out for the colourful house fronts up close, in this video of Rothenburg. Since it was cold as hell, I had to do away with shooting this cute village on my phone. The quality wasn't great. So I decided to combine them into a travel video. Next time, before booking an expensive tour of disneyland, do give a thought to making this trip to Rothenburg instead! :) :) (Oh, and about why I decided to take the long journey? It was because the Bayern pass covered my trip from Salzburg--> Munich-->Rothenburg-->Munich. Don't you think it was worth it? :) )