Ruturang Villa at Alibaug – Private bungalow for rent at Alibaug

21st Sep 2021
Photo of Ruturang Villa at Alibaug – Private bungalow for rent at Alibaug by Manoj Shaha

Ruturang is a private villa in Alibaug for rent with all the facilities for a group of 15-20 people with cook and maid, centrally air conditioned rooms and a private pool within the property. It is a luxury villa for rent at Alibaug and is centrally located near Varsoli Beach and Alibaug Beach, just 115 kms from Pune and 110 kms from Mumbai.

Ruturang Bungalow in Alibaug is very conveniently placed and finding the bungalow is easy. It is centrally located off Mumbai - Alibaug Road & is near Radisson Hotel.

It is ideal for families to stay for vacation and holidays. It is at a scenic location situated on the outskirts of Alibaug. If one wants a peaceful and silent outing this is the right place, where one can be at peace and far from the hustle bustle of the modern day towns and cities.

Ruturang is situated on a plot of 9000 sq. feet with 1400 square feet of fully furnished bungalow, 1000 sq. feet of terrace and around 6000 sq. feet of landscaped garden and a pool. It is a place where your entire family can plan a vacation. It is amidst the green surrounding of Mother Nature!

Alibaug is famous for its beaches and Ruturang is at a very short equidistance between Alibaug Beach and Varsoli Beach (water sports facility available at both these beach). Ruturang is a centrally located family bungalow for rent at Alibaug with a cook (Special cooks for Pure Vegetarian Jain food with seperate utensils) near Varsoli Beach.

It is amidst the Greenery and landscapes making it ideal for holiday vacations. Visit us at for more information on our villa

One of the most important qualities of Ruturang is the privacy it provides. Being exclusively with you, the property is detached from external interference and you have complete freedom to spend your time the way you want. You can have your seclusion and peace undisturbed by other guests, an essential element of a quality holiday. In addition, having your own place means having more space and options for much more activities. When in Ruturang, you will have a whole bungalow with all basic amenities & facilities & many more.

Very peaceful and silent surrounding with no hustle bustle of day to day life, Ruturang is perfect for a break from the daily routine.

Ruturang is an ideal dwelling, ‘A HOME AWAY FROM HOME’.