RV Trip To Kings Point, NY

8th Sep 2017

Hello, I am Brynn and my husbands name is Bryce. We recently packed up our RV and took a road trip from Kansas City, KS to Kings Point, NY. We traveled to Kings Point, NY over the course of 3 days.

Why Kings Point? First, my husband and I had never been to New York City and for those unfamiliar with New York, Kings Point is located on the north side of Long Island, New York. Second, we wanted to go watch one of our long time friend's children play football for the US Merchant Marine Academy. Never heard of the Merchant Marine Academy? Neither had we until our friend's son went there to play football. Believe it or not, it's actually one of the 5 service academies of the United States.

So when we got to Long Island, we planned to spend 2 days in NYC, 1 day watching football, and then drive back.  Lets just say that it is less than ideal to drive an RV in the greater New York City area so when we got there, we only took the bus, subway, and train.  Luckily, our friends lived right next to the train station in Great Neck, NY and the train brought us right into the city.  

When we got into the city, we began walking until we found the "highline" walkway.  The highline(so we've been told) was an old railway track that was raised above the city that the city has since turned into a sidewalk more or less.  What I enjoyed most about the highline is how it weaved between the buildings of New York.  Each building has such character and to get to have an "eye level" view was certainly breathtaking.  

After leaving the highline, it got us fairly close to the one world trade center.  There we got to take in the memorial and the somber reality of what happened that September day.  I must say that the memorial was just so beautifully done.  Not surprisingly, there was a very large crowd at all times near he memorial.  Next we went to eat at Blue Smoke before we braved Time Square.  

I had never been to New York, but I had a strong feeling I would not enjoy Time Square.  I had to experience it once, but my feeling was right.  Time Square is absolute madness.  I'll just leave it at that.  After Time Square we traveled back to Great Neck, NY and ate at a quaint little Italian restaurant in the down town area.  It was charming and the food was good.  

The next day we watched the Merchant Marine Academy football game.  It was homecoming and so the crowd started off the game being very large.  All the old alumni came back for the game and there was even one or two that served in World War II.  The game was exciting and the fanfare was enthralling, but the MMA lost the game and their homecoming.  That was a little bit of a downer.  

The last day we were in New York, City, we visited some of the suburbs of New York, City and tried to discover a few new diners and dives before we started our trip back to the Midwest in our RV.  There wasn't much to write about but overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the suburbs of New York City.  Each one was quaint(if you can believe it)(and in the right parts) and wasn't that much unlike suburban neighborhoods in the Midwest if you can believe it.  

Our RV trip back home was a pleasant one...again taking us two nights.  I will say that owning the RV may have cost us more gas on the way there, but what it cost us in gas, it made up for in convenience and savings from lodging.   Depending on who you talk to, RVs can be the worst purchase someone has ever made, or the best.  And we were quite pleased with our purchase and financing  RV deal. 

In conclusion, this was a wonderful trip and regardless of how you plan to get there, New York City and the surrounding area is a wonderful experience.  

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