Safe Gaming for Every Type of Player on the Go

Photo of Safe Gaming for Every Type of Player on the Go by Anna Listiawati

If using public internet venues to get a round or two on slot machines isn’t something you would consider, think about the option of playing for free. Travelling can be so very boring with airport delays, broken down buses, and other situations en route that are unknown or out of your control. So next time you find yourself with nothing to do but browse your phone or find a newspaper, remember that free gaming can keep you entertained for hours. When you feel like luck is on your side and you want to bet on slots with millions in the progressive jackpot, you should consider that using a public net is not always recommended, especially when you want to send money to your casino account. When playing free slot games, you get the entertainment without having to worry about the safety of your money transactions. Go for cool games so that you can forget about the waiting and instead refresh your mind.

Which Type of Gamer are You?

So now that you’re waiting and playing, that is playing slots on your phone or iPad while waiting for that delayed flight to show up, you might be interested in hearing what type of gambler you are. A study from Oregon State University looked closer at the motivations of people who play slots. Their study concluded that there are four different groups of people who play. Utilitarian gamblers looking to occupy themselves, excitement gamblers searching for a high, multipurpose gamblers who want the entertainment and the money, and relaxation gamblers who are looking to relax and socialize. Whatever group you belong to, you will find the free slot games which are available through Facebook or phone apps, quite attractive for what they offer. Those looking to win money might not find it exciting on that front, but they will still be able to appreciate great fun in the games. And no one needs fun more than those who are stuck in traffic jams, waiting for a delayed plane, or standing inside a stuffy bus station.

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