Safe Hoverboard Use: The Reasons Why Hoverboards Catches Fire


Hoverboards had set the world with a bang since its first release in 2015. That was thirty years after "Back to the Future" film had shown a glimpse of what will happen in 2015 and that includes hoverboards. These are famous recreation items that are fun to use. However, none of the past or the current developers anticipated the frequent electrical malfunctions that most hoverboards are now experiencing that causes them to catch fire and sometimes a frightening explosion. In fact, there were several recalls of several different hoverboard models in the last years. Also, almost all airlines do not allow passengers to carry hoverboards with them. So, why do some hoverboards catche fire? Below are the top reasons why there are fiery mishaps on some hoverboards:

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The batteries

Hoverboards are lithium-based devices. Like other devices such as smartphones, laptops, cars, and much more, several manufacturers use lithium-ion batteries because it can carry a larger amount of energy and has a strong battery life than its counterparts. However, these lithium-based devices are known to catch fire or explode. There are several reports about some various devices catches fire or even explodes, due to damage on batteries and that does not only name hoverboards but many different electronic devices such as smartphones. So, why do batteries explode? Lithium batteries are volatile; any found damage or overheat on the batteries can cause fire or explosion. Should I avoid buying hoverboards? No. You can buy and enjoy the device anytime you want as long as the batteries are not damaged, should be UL-certified (Underwriters Laboratories), and never buy any counterfeit. One of the reasons why some hoverboards explode is due to counterfeit batteries.

The Chargers

Batteries and chargers are two interlinking devices thathave the ability to provide the needed energy for the device to power up. However, theyhave the ability to destroy the device as well. Useless chargers or second-grade chargers are often the cause of overheating and that can lead to an explosion of batteries and the entire device. So, to avoid this mishap, you need to make sure that the charger you are using is compatible with your device and are approved by UL. Also, check the charger's specs to make sure that what you are getting is not fake.

How it is manufactured

Other than batteries, hoverboards that were inefficiently manufactured or those with low-grade wiring and other parts can cause fire and explosion. For instance, buying fake hoverboards is the common reason why there are several hoverboards around the world with electrical malfunction which leads to explosion. The reason why they explode is because of thequality of materials used.

What to consider when buying hoverboards

Simple, all you need to do is buy hoverboards from certified retailers like those from Choose Wheels. Also, you could use some of the segway minipro review as a guide when buying best and safe hoverboards. Hoverboards are fun to use. However, you need to consider several things when buying one to avoid any mishaps that could put your life at risk.

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