Sal's Reveries and Séjours

17th Sep 2017
Photo of Sal's Reveries and Séjours by Saloni Gandhi

I've been working as a French and Italian Translator since a year. And whosoever knows this feels that I'm pretty well-settled here in India, which is fairly true. But just at a mere age of 23 I can't limit myself to a cubicle or a space-challenged condo. No matter how perfect I maybe for this job or how this job is perfect for me, it's not the time to just hang loose and that's why I chase bursaries which allow me to strengthen my language skills, meet new people and broaden my horizons!

Thank you to Dr. Roberto Bertilaccio, Tasneem Azmi, Christian Gaillac and the entire AMICIF team for considering me ideal for such opportunities and letting me know that there exists a different side of me. It's you all who have shaped my memories more than the locations themselves. Everyone whom I met during this journey has made my travel rich.

I wouldn't have started this blog, I wouldn't have started traveling and working, without you people who inspire me to believe in myself, to push a little harder, to learn something new, to go out and meet people, to stand for myself and be proud of my goals, to help others, to share, to create. I really appreciate everyone who has inspired me, who has enlivened me, lit a spark inside me, and made me want to be better, stronger, bigger, and more of who I am.

So, did I take this long trip only to end up right back where I started? No, of course not. I took it to grow. I thought I could write about my travels in order to stay in the travel-mind set, keeping the lessons I've learnt alive and also to keep the travel spirits high.

And because of that, my gaze will always be on the horizon, looking, dreaming, and wishing for another opportunity to get away again.

Photo of Sal's Reveries and Séjours 1/1 by Saloni Gandhi
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