Salton Sea November 2017

10th Nov 2017
Photo of Salton Sea November 2017 1/4 by April Bielefeldt

Join me for a 3 day trip exploring the Salton Sea in California.

Largest inland lake in California it is a landscape endangered by drought, and lack of water- without more water its fragile place could displace thousands of birds that use the Salton Sea on their migratory paths.

We will explore this landscape, its boom and bust. Places like Salvation Mountain, East Jesus and Brawley. Places where even humans seek to hang on living off the grid in an environment that is not conducive to life- extreme temperatures and few places to grow anything- yet only miles from posh vacationeers in Palm Springs.

There will be optional photography sessions at night to capture starscapes over the Sea.

$1000.00 includes 2 nights lodging in your own room with ensuite bathroom.

All breakfasts and one dinner


All ground transportation from Pasadena CA

Contact me for more information



Photo of Salton Sea November 2017 2/4 by April Bielefeldt
Photo of Salton Sea November 2017 3/4 by April Bielefeldt
Photo of Salton Sea November 2017 4/4 by April Bielefeldt
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It would be good to include a visit to the Salton Sea advocacy headquarters known as The Ecomedia Compass. Kerry F Morrison lives at the Salton Sea and he wants to import Seawater from Baja Mexico to restore the largest lake in California. The Desert Shores and the Eden Project have begun the effort to restore the Salton Sea with help from Agess, Inc., Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians, The Ecomedia Compass, Sephton Water Technologies, Joi Scientific and many other revolutionary-green technologies.
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