Salzburg for me ! My travel diaries

Photo of Salzburg for me ! My travel diaries 1/3 by Anubhuti Purohit

A beautiful scene, right out of a Rom-com movie, walking in the old town was like being a part of a musical, the sleeping city of Austria was so calm and serene and yet magical. Every time I lifted my camera to take pictures, everything seemed like a charming painting. The ecstatic view of the palace, live locations bringing " Sound of Music" alive, walking by the love lock bridge loaded with the locks, stopping by the shops on the streets, admiring the baroque architecture of the old town left me completely hypnotized, yes that was Salzburg for me!


Time just froze when I was just walking the streets of Salzburg, Austrian city situated on the borders of Germany . Exploring the city was like meditating for me, quiet, untouched beauty, no wonder ! the center of the city is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site .There is so much more to the city, to begin with Salzburg stands for " Salt Fortress" because of the presence of salt mines and is also the birthplace of the world famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and hence is also known as city of Mozart. Fans from all over the world come to visit the museum. Mozart bonbon or as they now call it as Mozart balls won my heart, dark chocolate balls, filled with pistachio and nougat. They were originally created by a confectioner called, Paul Furst in 1890 and named them after Mozart. The " Sound of Music " Tour just made my experience even more rich, they took us to the locations where the movie was shot and it was breathtaking for someone who has been a fan of the classic. They drove us to the Mirabell gardens, Felsenreitschule, Schloss Leopoldskron , basically all those spots which made me feel as if I were a part of the movie, reliving it. ( will link all the information related to the tours in the end of the blog)

Photo of Salzburg for me ! My travel diaries 2/3 by Anubhuti Purohit

Walking the Mirabell Gardens, seeing the blooming flowers, the stunning fountains was an experience which I would never forget. It looked so serene, pink flower beds added so much of color to the whole view, it was a treat to the eyes. The great part about the city is that it has something for every kind of tourist, may it be art, music, history, literature, adventure, leisure and has a variety of places to offer. Depending on the time , you may choose your picks out of the tour to Salt Mines, Sound of Music tour, Trip to Hallstatt, trip to Eagle's Nest ( will link the information below)

Photo of Salzburg for me ! My travel diaries 3/3 by Anubhuti Purohit

Accommodation is not an issue in the city because of the regular arriving tourists, they have a wide range of hostels, hotels etc. We stayed in this amazing , funky hostel called Yoho-International-Youth-Hostel, at a 7 minute walking distance from the train station and was pretty much in the center of the city.I feel if Salzburg were a person, it would be an elegant lady in her later 40's with poise and would extremely well- dressed, wearing pearls and would be baking cookies. That's my imagination about this cute, little city of Austria. If you loved reading what was Salzburg for me and would be planning a trip sometime in the future, scroll down to find some links which would help you plan better.// Some useful links: