San Francisco: Displaying Art, Enriching Life


The first time I saw the Palace of Fine Arts was in a popular 90s rom-com. And even today whenever I see this place listed on any other travel site, the first thing that comes to my mind is that quirky scene only. This may be because the site is so perfect for a weekend getaway or even a movie for that matter that no matter how long ago you have been here, you will still be able to remember how bewitching this place felt at that very first glance. Flights to San Francisco will prove to be a great way of rekindling those old memories or create some new ones whenever you want to.

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This place bears that irresistible romantic appeal that has made it the favourite of couples and wedding planners all over town. Even today you can see many grand weddings carried out with great pomp and show here. The newlyweds from and outside the town make it a point to spend a day or two here and experience that eternal romance in which this place has been swimming for all these years. Even the Disney's California Adventure has created its replica in one of its many theme parks thus asserting the fairytale romance factor that this place has going on. Save big on the trip of a lifetime with cheap flights to San Francisco.

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It was first created as a part of the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition. The pristine backdrop of this place was meant to be the suitable background for the many art works that were eventually displayed all over it. Since then it has been renovated and preserved in the best possible way to keep it as a beautiful memorabilia for the future generation to admire and get inspired by. Tickets to San Francisco will add yet another interesting chapter in your vacation diary if you let it.

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