Sangla Valley - A road trip with awesome view

Photo of Sangla Valley - A road trip with awesome view by Himadri Sinha Roy

Sangla is one of the most beautiful and scenic valley in the kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh. We never had a plan to stay at sangla as we were much interested to stay two nights at Chitkul,whuch is around 24kms away from Sangla. We did went to chitkul bypassing sangla.. But stayed only one night there and decided to stay the other night at sangla.
Thus we discovered a gem of a place... The view all around was majestic, the whole village has a typical himachali touch and fragrance. Our homestay, Shruti guest house was simply the icing on the cake.. The courtyard was a tourist attraction itself.. It offers 180degree view of snow clad mountains all around... The video I shared having all the cloud moving time-lapse against snow covered peak are all taken from the courtyard of this pristine homestay. Leaving aside the main market place and Bus stand, Sangla offers  pure nature ,raw wilderness with snowy peaks peeping here and there.
Sangla along with the whole kinnaur circuit can easily come in the bucket list for any traveler who loves nature along with strong cultural culmination.