Saputara and its Tribal Heritage


Saputara Hill View

Photo of Saputara and its Tribal Heritage by Asawari Ghatage

Saputara is considered to be one of the most popular hill stations in Gujarat. Its lush green forests and numerous waterfalls are some of the best features of this holiday destination. Part of the Dang Forest, Saputara is easily accessible via road with easy car rental in surat.

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary

The Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is in the Western Ghats in Gujarat and Maharashtra. It has teak and other deciduous trees and bamboo groves. The sanctuary supports a wide variety of flora and fauna. Some animals you might be lucky to catch sight of are leopards, macaques, jungle cats, hyenas, Indian porcupines, and more.

Saputara Tribal Museum

The Saputara museum is a one of a kind museum that showcases the lifestyle of the Adivasis who live in the Dang region. Also on display are a stone funerary column, grass ornaments, stuffed birds, wood carving, clay ritual objects, body tattoos, and masks used in dance-dramas, and musical instruments. As you wander through this museum you will gain an insight into the life and culture of the Dang people.

Artist Village

Considered the hub of the area, the Artist Village in Saputara not only showcases the art techniques of the region but allows you to participate and try your hand at some of the techniques. You can also avail simple accommodation here as you gain an education in the different art forms delved into at the village. You can also buy different pieces of craftsmanship made by artists and the tribals of the area.

Some of the other things to do and see in Saputara is the Step Garden, Sunset Point, and Lake garden. These places are calm and offer wonderous views of the area and can be the perfect place to relax in, while enjoying nature at its finest.

There are many options for stay at Saputara, from hotels to B&Bs and inns. Most of these hotels are reasonably priced and offer views of the picturesque landscape. Most of these hotels will provide parking and you can make an easy car rental in Surat that will allow you to explore the region at your own pace and convenience.

Reaching Saputara

The closest airport to Saputara is in Vadodara which is 309km away. The closest railhead to the hill station is Waghai from where you can either book a taxi or catch a state-run bus to Saputara. However, the most convenient and easy way to access Saputara is by making a cab booking in Surat which is 164km from Saputara. There is also the option of a Surat to Saputara taxi that you can explore.

Saputara is one of the best places to visit in Gujarat during the summer when the temperature in the plains soar. With its calm lake and rich wildlife heritage, you are sure to have a holiday that will create memories for a lifetime.

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