Scenic Cruises That You'll Only See in South America

Photo of Scenic Cruises That You'll Only See in South America by Nataliya Stefanus

With the summer heat waves well underway, and the vacation rush reaching its peak, most people can’t wait to get away to a seaside sanctuary or maybe a local mountain range. Maybe some of you were going to visit friends and family abroad? Hey - why not take them along and switch it up a bit? is the industry leading provider of amazing expedition cruises through that passionate continent, and offers adventures to everyone’s tastes!

The Tucano Amazon Odyssey

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For those passionate explorers who want to delve into the mysteries of Amazon deeper than most people ever think to do, an expedition cruise aboard the unique Tucano motor yacht is the ideal way to enter the very heart of wild Brazilian nature. Over the course of seven days and six nights, explore lesser-known tributaries, flooded grasslands, archipelagos, and narrow streams teeming with wildlife. See the Rio Negro and the Rio Amazonas. Sail far into the world’s largest Amazon reserve: The Central Amazon Conservation Complex, which is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. Scout the shoreline of the Rio Jauaperi and go on a night time excursion to witness the nocturnal creatures unique to this environment.

Faring Across Fuegian Fjords

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A humongous block of ice might not be your first thought when someone mentions South America, but if you don’t visit them at least once in your life, you’re seriously missing out. Embark on a tour centered around Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. Sail through the Strait of Magellan to witness the stunning waterfalls at the Garibaldi and Pia Glaciers, visit the beautiful Cape Horn National Park, and walk in the footsteps of Charles Darwin himself.

Dolphin Days in the Peruvian Rainforest

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Start off at the coast of Nauta and embark on a thrilling exploration of the Peruvian Amazon! Follow a jungle trail and discover local wildlife, and go for a swim with the unique pink dolphins of the jungle river! Walk over a 25-m (85-ft) high canopy and test your nerve on a piranha fishing trip. Finish with a night time safari and a visit to the CREA Rescue Center for some quality time with endangered animals.

On a Predator’s Trail: the Jaguar Pantanal Cruise Expedition

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Every Saturday from July to November, embark on the Jaguar House Boat and set off in search for this elusive and elegant wild cat. Explore the Pantanal Wetlands of Brazil beyond the common tourist spots! Sail smoothly down the Paraguay River, and occasionally switch vessels for a dynamic river safari on a motor boat. Explore the coastal wildlife, spot the great river otters playing in the water and snap some photos of the impressive caiman relaxing on the river banks. Keep an eye out for the great cat stalking the shoreline! Even if you don’t see a jaguar in these first few days, you’re bound to spot one at the Taiama Island Ecological Reserve, which has the densest population of the Pantanal Jaguar - the largest feline in the Americas.

On a Boat Through Bolivia

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Remote tributaries, lagoons, and beaches dot this little-known part of the Amazon Basin. Go kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, visit indigenous villages and discover a colorful myriad of local wildlife along the Mamoré and Ibare Rivers. Spend two idyllic days taking motorboat photo safaris to spot the caiman’s eyes reflecting the light at dusk. Go horseback riding and keep an eye out for the local birds on your way to the Estancia El Carmen cattle ranch. Finish your scenic adventure with a canoeing excursion into the Victoria Lagoon.

The Australis Cruise Through Patagonia’s Ice Fields

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Patagonia is called a trekker’s paradise for a reason: this vast region likely has the most vibrant and breathtaking landscapes in the whole continent. However, among all its grandeur, the glaciers are what stands out the most. Australis will take you on a cruise through the very end of the world, and let you experience the awe-inspiring frozen realms in the best way imaginable. During the four days and three nights onboard the expedition ship, you will undertake a fairytale journey. See a glacial waterfall in the Garibaldi Fjord, and witness the majesty of its namesake blue glacier. Enjoy the panoramic view of the Pia Glacier which extends from the mountaintops to the sea, and sail through the breathtaking Glacier Alley.

These six fantastic expedition cruises offer just the merest glimpse of the many wonders that South America has in store. We can never have enough praise for the jewel-like Galapagos Islands, vibrant Rio de Janeiro or mystical Machu Picchu. Still, it’s definitely a whole different story to go exploring less-traveled paths, and a cruise ship will take you to realms you could never reach on a tour bus!

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